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on Tsalala Males Reunite with Tailless Female

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The Tsalala pride confuse me James. Is the mother of the young male cub who is not looking good, the sister of these three males?

Hi Marinda,
No, the mother of the cub is the Tailless female.

Thank you James. Is it correct that all that is leftover of the Tsalala pride is the Tailless, a male cub, the three young males and their sister.

Yea tsalala! Yea elmon! Thank you.

It appears that male lions’ attempts to secure and rule territory is not unlike their human counterparts……. need I say more?!

Very similar!

James don’t you think the Matimbas are an easy target for them? Some pressuring and roaring can get the better out them. They don’t look in great and stable condition despite recovering. And the Hairy Belly Male is suffering from a dislocated hip and his movements aren’t smooth but has been able to keep up with the other male.

Someone from Inyati reserve mentioned the dark maned Matimba had problems roaring. He couldn’t roar properly and loudly, more like some growls. And the other Male roared loudly and clearly.. Do you think this is a negative news for Matimbas and could attract threat from other lions?

Also One of the Northern Matimba in Ngala had a similar problem. That Male couldn’t roar at all and died afterwards. It may well be a genetic fault after all.

Thank you James, I am thrilled to hear that the tailless female is still doing well. She was the very first lion that I saw on my African adventure and she holds a special place in my heart. Hopefully she and her male nephews can feed and take care of each other, keeping safe. I look forward to the daily blogs, love the stories and the way they keep me as close as possible from far-off Canada.

Digital Ranger

Did they fight against the Birmingham boys.

We aren’t sure Iren. They would have had to move through their territory to get to where they were found though…

I saw that they had been seen with the Tailless Lioness on the Malal Mala instagram feed, they’re looking impressive for four-year old males! It would definitely be very interesting to see if they try to settle on Londolozi. Either way, they could end up running into the Birmingham Males, which would be bad for them

Thanks James as you know I am a big fan of these updates please keep them coming

James, I am not at all experienced or have the knowledge you have, but I have a been told that I have an abundance of intuition and common sense. I totally agree with you about our perception of confidence and strength of these majestic animals. Maturity and experience brings confidence and security. As they grow, strength will build along with the other attributes. Those young males are beautiful and I am hopeful that they find their own area to call home. But first I hope they do bring some luck to Tailless. She just has to survive. Thanks for your great pictures and story.

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