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Pete was a Field Guide for Londolozi for 4 years, contributing to the blog as a fantastic writer as well as photographer. Right from his very first bush trip at the age of four, Pete was always enthralled by this environment. Having grown ...

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on The Week in Pictures #330

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Beautiful and informative pictures. Thank you so much!

Another wonderful TWIP! Especially enjoyed seeing the image of the two zebras. As always, settings info is always appreciated.

Some lovely photos, Pete, that really capture the feel of a week at Londolozi! Mashaba looking wonderful and the new young male is interesting! Who were the two males lions on the move?

Hi Mary,

They are the Birmingham male lions.

Best, Pete

What an excellent week in pictures with well thought out and informative captions! I loved the leopards and the priceless framed lion face.

Pete, Great post! We love the image at sunset and it helps us remember how breathtaking the sunsets can be while on safari. How long will it be before Tamboti’s cub is sent out on it’s own? It’s exciting to see a new leopard (Nweti) too!

Hi Michael and Terri,

The Tamboti female’s youngster is only about 12-13 months old now so one would expect it to hang around its mother for another 8-12 months. Female leopards normally become independent at roughly 2 years of age.

Hi Pete,
Excellent shot of the tail-framed lion! And the warthogs are adorable as always. Question: our first night out we came across a younger female leopard who had her kill hoisted in a tree. Her name was not yet determined and at that point was referred to as the cub of the X female. What was the inap name of this leopard?
Hope you are well!

Hi Peggy,

Thank you!

That was the Ximungwe female leopard. She is daughter of the Mashaba female. So at that sighting, she was being called both the Ximungwe female (new and now official name) and the Mashaba young female (previous name before becoming properly independent).

These pictures are awesome! Great pics of the zebra and elephant moms with their calves, and the new male leopard.

Senior Digital Ranger

Thank you Pete for these beautiful pictures & descriptions – I so love this blog, but all of them energise me to what I so miss – the bushveld! Enjoy the new week 🙂

Incredible range of photos as usual!!

Stunning pics Pete. Love the Tambotie female walking into the sunrise. Great capture of the male lion framed by his brother’s tail. We just came back from a trip to Kruger. April is realy the best time of the year in the bush. The veld is looking amazing after the late rain.

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