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on Birmingham Male Lions Push Further Onto Londolozi

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Interesting lion dynamics. Will they encounter the Magingilane in the west and will they fight them? The Magingilane probably do not stand a chance against the younger and sttonger males. It is maybe for the best if they establish their territory at Londolozi. It is quite a while since a male coalition controlled the area.

I knew that this would start happening soon, with the Birmingham coalition starting to make a more determined bid to stake a claim on the reserve. I’d say it’s going to be a very interesting year for the Sabi Sands lions.

Where are the Majingilane at the moment and what state are they in?

I love lion dynamics. I have a questiona about it; I ask to you, James, because I know that you love it, too. Do you think it is possible that the Mapogo male known as Makhulu was a litter mate of the older Tailless lioness? They both were born in 1998 I believe, and Makhulu was possibly born in the Tsalala pride. Thank you if you reply and sorry for my bad English.

Hi Gabriele,
I’m afraid I have absolutely no idea.
I haven’t heard of him being born into the Tsalala pride but I’ll ask about.
Best regards

James, It feels like new drama on the horizon! Lion dynamics are better than any of the reality shows on TV for sure!

It’s sad to see the decline of the Majingilane, but to have these Birmingham males take over without a major fight would be best all around. We’re looking forward to seeing them for the first time in June!

While I love these BBoys, i fear that they are getting over their heads with power and control. That is a lions life tho no doubt , lol.. This so far is a true success story for these boys, & I believe a much needed one.
How many prides would you guess from past experiences that a male coalition can successfully control? When you have the larger coalitions like mopogos, majins, bboys, would it be fair to say they will keep taking pride after pride just because they can with their larger coalition numbers? Or is that simply a personal preference between the lions, and how much work they want to put into it.
I just started following these boys over at sabi sands, and i really like them. That my excitement youre reading, first time following a beginning of a successful coalition, hope to watch til the end–years of course.
They seemed dedicated to the nkhumas at first, but now they don’t come around too often. Last week when some young Avocas started scent marking and roaring on bboys territory, three of the bboys ran back the next couple days and made it clear the Nkhumas were still theirs. The BBoys roared with everything thing they had in them It was caught on the Dam cam at night 3/24,3/25,3/26. James do you all share the same live dam cameras or does Londolozi have their own lives feed?
Thank you for listening : )
A very excited future customer

Tracie it starts getting to a point of diminishing returns, as the more prides a coalition takes over, the more territory they have to defend and the thinner they spread themselves, making them vulnerable.
If I remember correctly the Majingilane had 5 prides under their control at one time, although my memory might be playing me false.
When the Majingilane go, I’m sure the Birmingham males will set their sights further west, although some of the Mhangeni females have already been coming east to seek them out…
Best regards

Wow- interesting dynamics going on here. I would think the Majingilane troop will be on high alert since the Birmingham males are seemingly intent on establishing a new territory. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out – I’m rooting for the home team!!

Senior Digital Ranger

What a treat! The pretty one with the fewest facial scars is Nsuku,(Gold) The one with a scar under his right eye and has the most beat up look is Mfumo (Authority) The one with the = sign on the right side just above his nose is Nhenha ( ) and the last is Tinyo (tooth) there was a 5th male but he was gored by a buffalo and died of what they think was a punctured lung.. His name was Tokoloshe/Scrapper.
We miss them in the North.

I wish they come back to Djuma so i can see dem on safari live..too bad

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A new member here, very happy to be so. The blog mentioned 3 lions spotted of the 4. Is anyone aware which 3 it was? Curious to know if Mfumo was missing. It seems rare that all 4 are are seen together lately. I have been saying for a while now that Mfumo has fallen in lion love. Seriously though, is he simply the one who has dominated for mating rights? Appears strange that he would remain alone while his coalition goes on territorial missions regularly

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