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Sam Zeederberg

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Sam was born in Cape Town and pursued studies in Therapeutic Reflexology, Meridian Therapy, Shiatsu, Reiki and Yoga Therapy. While working as a Bodywork Therapist in and around the Cape, her main passion lay in teaching children and young adult's yoga and mindfulness ...

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on Ageing Gracefully

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A lovely inspiring blog Sam. You are never too old to learn or to try something new. You are never too old to start some form of excercise. It is nearly better for the mind than for the body. Being out in the fresh air make it just so much more enjoyable.

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Hello Sam your blog made me smile & also very sad as I am almost the same age as your lady, I have arthritis in most of my joints & sadly cannot get down on my haunches any more, so gardening is done by bending over & if I fall over I really battle to get up unless a really strong person is there to help or something to hold onto! So thank you Sam I may have to look into Yoga as a help 🙂

Brilliant blog Sam. Your descriptions are spot on for a newbie yoga participant. I’m in the newly turned 70’s bracket and my once lithe, flexible body refuses to bend and twist, but I persevere slowly, allowing my mind to empty and soon I can put my hands flat in the floor. Yoga is new to me but I’m open to a new, more relaxing form of mind and body exercise. You’re an inspiration!!

With all the lovely toned and young bodies seen in your photos, it’s comforting to know that over-60’s are welcome on the yoga deck! Perhaps I’ll brave it next trip!

I’m convinced now. I’ll join you when I celebrate my 85th birthday at Londolozi.

Stunning Sam, I so hope to join you on the deck some day! What an inspiring guest to have with you, so open and true to herself.

Great post Sam and so lovely to read! I started practicing yoga at an especially difficult time in my life, when I really needed to reach inward and find some inner peace. I wasn’t very flexible and certainly didn’t have great balance, but the emotional calmness and wellbeing that it gave me was so incredible, and the flexibility and balance came with time. It must be so fantastic for you to practice in such a magical setting!!

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Thank you for this beautiful and inspiring post.

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