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I am an Honours Graduate who studied Environmental and Geographical Science at UCT. I love birding, wildlife and wildlife photography and take any opportunity I can to get out into nature. I was on the committee's of UCT's Birding Club and the Biological ...

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on How Londolozi Live Has Affected My Life

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Master Tracker

One of the best job applications I have ever read???????

I thought so too!!!

And thank you!!

Master Tracker

Joking apart, I once saw an incredibly expensive book called The Leopards Of Londolozi and I thought I would never get to visit. In fact I stayed for seven nights and despite around 18 safaris it managed to exceed the hype.

I saw the same book in a second-hand shop in Kalk Bay for over R1000!! I’m still waiting for the chance to get up to Londolozi myself, need that leopard photo!!

Master Tracker

I would have a look at the early work of Jonathan Scott, especially the Marsh Lions, and Leopard’s Tale. These predate the Londolozi blogs, but could be taken for the models for it. These books enjoy an identical affinity to the Londolozi blogs and his book on the African Hunting Dog won the BBC Wildlife Photographer Of The Year . Also they were shot on 64 ASA Kodachrome .

I have had the Leopard’s Tail since I was 7 but I’ve never read the Marsh Lions (despite watching Big Cat Diary!). John Varty did spend some time in the Mara if I’m not mistaken? I do love the Leopards Tale, it’s incredible. I did not know that his wild dog book was so highly acclaimed!

Senior Digital Ranger

That was amazing Callum & yes I do believe there are many of us at home in South Africa & abroad who long for their Londolozi blogs, TWIP & more. I feel revatilised after reading the daily blogs! Good luck with your studies & keep strong with the lack of water 🙂

Thank you Wendy!! It’s almost like a daily dose of energy for the wilderness, should be a standard prescription! And we’re saving as much water as possible!

Senior Digital Ranger

Callum, Thanks for sharing how the Londolozi blog inspires you and expands your learning. I hope you will be able to experience this amazing place first hand. I too love and appreciate the blog and the connection it creates to one of my most favorite places on earth. I am in awe of the beauty and the unique coexistence that exists here and the kindness bestowed upon me on the 2 trips I was able to make. The blog helps me carry the gentleness, freedom and spirit of Londolozi into my days 8,000 miles away. Good Luck with your studies.

Thank you!! I hope I will be able to experience it too!!

Digital Ranger

Callum, Your blog post is very inspiring, both your photos and the story you told! My takeaway is that one should make the most of every opportunity we are given to enhance our knowledge, well being and improve our lives. Interacting with nature and wildlife at Londolozi has had a lasting impact on me and your essay really brings it home. I am looking forward to visiting again with my family in June. If it’s even possible to anticipate the trip more, you have done it! Thank you and Well done!

Thank you so much Pam, I really appreciate your kind words!! I couldn’t agree more, I feel most at ease and alive when out in nature, I even recover from an illness faster! Hope you have a truly magical safari!!

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