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on Mhangeni Lionesses with Birmingham Males: What Does This Mean?

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Interesting lion dynamics. James I think your theory that because the Mhangeni lionesses did not grow up with their mothers in the pride, and don’t want their ofspring to stay around to long might be correct. I saw a photo of the Magingilane today on Instagram and they look very old. With new prides forming from the Mhangeni pride the genes of the Tsalala pride still live on.

Well, life in the Londolozi realm is certainly not dull. I spent a bit of time with the Mhagene pride last year in Singita, all 16 strong, and marveled at their strength and beauty. Saying this, I have noted this large pride seems to move effortlessly throughout the region- Londolozi today, Mala Mala tomorrow.

It seems rather exciting that there could be a union between the Mhagene females and the Birmingham males leading to a new mega pride. As they say, stay tuned!!

Thank you for the info. How many males form the Birmingham Coalition?

Four males, down from what I believe was 5 originally…

That’s correct James, they were five, the 5th male know as “Scrapper” died off health issues, some kind of disease.

Hi…how much are the flights from Cape town to ur lodge??…I’m thinking of going in Dec 2018..thank you

That’s a very interesting development in regards to both the apparenr eviction of the Mhangeni subadults (can’t think of any reasons besides yours that the adults would want to evict their female offspring) and how the Mhangeni have now switched alligiances from the Majingilane to the Birminghams. It’s defintely going to be a very tense time waiting to see what happens.

James, from what you are seeing about their movements, do you see any possibility of a take over coming from the Birminghans towards the Majingis? Or they are too far away from eachother?

We were at Londolozi towards the end of January – and had a FABULOUS time, of course! I am enquiring how things went on with the very sad loss of 2 dead hippo in 1 pond – it was early days when we were there so presume they were eventually ‘sorted out’ by the animals/vultures around?

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