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Nkoveni 2:2 Female

Nkoveni 2:2 Female

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Ingrid Dam 4:4 Female

Ingrid Dam 4:4 Female

Spotted this leopard?
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on 6 Top Tips on Photography From the Londolozi Guides

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Thanks for the blogs on photography! When we made the decision to come to Africa about a year ago, I bought my first DSLR. I have taken a class, and watch every photographer’s youtube education vid I can find but these blogs have been invaluable – especially the ones on Lightroom! See you all soon!

It is a pleasure Lisa. Which DSLR do you shoot with? Look forward to seeing you when you are at Londolozi.

I have a Canon 7D Mark II with the kit lens; but have been spending most of my time with the 100-400mm L II lens. I’m still under water but getting better…slowly!

Senior Digital Ranger

serendipity is also helpful for a good picture ,
while searching for something completely different !

Dina you are 100% correct on that, the bush is very unpredictable but is amazing when you stumble upon something you have never seen before.

My tip would be: Don’t let your guard down. You might be thinking that you’re in a place where nothing is happening and you’ll have to move to another spot, but then suddenly something does happen. Nature is unpredictable. One moment everything is silent, the next moment everybody is on his or her toes.
Also: Have eyes for the smaller things. If you look around you just might come across something that you could easily overlook.

Thanks for the tips Betty-Lou. You and Fin have a lot in common with your first point. Appreciating the small things is definately key to enjoying all that the bush has to offer.

Great idea for a blog and great suggestions from one and all.

Thanks Jeff, look forward to meeting you whilst on your stay at Londolozi soon.

Love this blog Kylie. I have learned so much from the rangers over the years. Although my photos are taken more for memories, it is getting better every time I am out in the bush and practicing what I have learned.

Thanks Marinda, Photographs are a great way to capture special moments that will be remembered for life.

Thanks for compiling tips for us. Key is to keep these in mind when out in the bush!

Thanks Kylie. Very enjoyable post. Could have done without the spider though!

Haha, pleasure Al. Hope you are well!

I won’t tell Rob that you said that, Al! 😉

I loved reading this!

Thanks very much Guy.

Great post Kylie, thanks for sharing. My top tip would be to always make sure you focus on the eye of the animal and try to capture it looking straight into the lens.

Thanks for the great tip Rich, I will be sure to keep this in mind when out in the field.

All absolutely crucial for photography in any environment!!

These are all excellent tips. Mine would be along the same lines as zoom out. I always think action shots are better than portraits. There are thousands of amazing portraits, but the photos which tell a story or capture a moment are always memorable

Kylie, Thanks for getting those amazing ranger/photographers to share some of their secrets! Patience is the hardest one to master for sure!

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