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Rob joined the Londolozi team at the start of 2017. Having grown up on a farm in the Cape and spending many holidays traveling Southern Africa he developed a love for the outdoors and an appreciation for the natural world. After completing a ...

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on Londolozi’s Nightlife: Part 1

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Very interesting article. I also loved the unique first photo of the sunset with the tree branches and thorns over it.

Senior Digital Ranger

Very good, Rob. You’ve a well-inked pen. And an eye for good photo ops.

Senior Digital Ranger

hoping for an aardvark next time!

Very nice post, Rob. As someone who fights night photography challenging, I particularly like the photos of the hare and the civet – and I had no idea how useful the civets apparently are! Can we special order some Civet Coffee for our next Londolozi visit?

Yes, night photography is challenging! We will have to see what we can do about that coffee! Thanks for the comment Henry.

Interesting blog Rob. It is always exciting driving back to camp after a drink stop as you do not know what you might encounter after dark.

Dear Rob What a very interesting blog! We were visited once by a Civet who stayed for about 20 minutes. He was our first Civet. We were having a braai and I think he was wanting to join in! On the other side of him was a Porcupine! An evening to remember ….. Wendy

What an amazing sighting! Thanks for sharing Wendy.

Excellent images and information….but I’ll pass on the coffee! Lol.

The nocturnal mammals are always the hardest to see. Out of these ones I’ve only seen the scrub hare. Though I have been lucky enough to see both honey badger and aardwolf twice, and black-footed cats three times, so I’m doing fine! Still looking for the aardvark and pangolin, like most people!

Senior Digital Ranger

Thanks Rob, really enjoyed this blog, info and photos. Very nice and oft taken-for-granted Scrub Hare (they also enjoy living of our golf course!) plus the artistic thorn tree in sunset! Yet to taste Civet Coffee – maybe something to look forward to?

Yes, I think if I got the chance I would have to taste that coffee! Thanks for the comment.

Great job, Rob. Reads like you are talking to me.

Thanks Judi! Just like we’re on another game drive. Hope you are well!

Senior Digital Ranger

Stunning pictures & very humerous write up Rob! I just adore the bush babies, they are just adorable. Thank you


Thanks for a wonderful, educational look at all those flashing eyes we see on the way back to party-central at the Varty Boma!

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