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on When the Sighting Becomes Less Important

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A safari is about the whole experience. If you want to go look at animals, one right after another, head to the zoo. If you want an incredible experience trying to think like a leopard or a lion, trying to guess where they might go, wanting to learn what tracks look like and how you know which way they are going and who they might be, when they might have come through, if you are willing to wait for that explosive moment when someone says ‘there she is!’, then a safari is more your style! The ‘thrill of the hunt’! Love it!

It is always so exciting on the game drive when the ranger stop the vechicle and tell us that he and the tracker are going to track an animal. It is the anticipation of knowing that we might see something unexpected.

Right on the money. I spent some time tracking with Boyd, Alex and Renias a while back and couldn’t get enough. Their knowledge along with Ren’s sixth sense about the animals was amazing.The thrill of the hunt was addictive. When I returned with my family, our guide Andrea let me take point for a while to show off what I had learned. Nothing compares to the feeling of putting in the work find your animal. I can’t wait to get back.

Freddy Ngobeni. Tops in my book.! But I must also include Elmond Mhlonho who we rode with in the 80s. Another very special man.


Anticipation is the elixir found in an African safari. Just driving and soaking up the sounds and smells could be enough but the first sighting of a significant paw print heightens everyone’s senses. Sometimes you don’t find the owner of the print, but the search is half the fun and oftentimes you find another interesting animal that makes it all worthwhile. Great article!

I just love reading articles like this. I have done some amateur tracking before and I learnt a few things from friends and guides, but it is definetely something that I would like to learn properly.

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