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Jacqui joined the Londolozi team in December 2007 as a camp manager, a role which she more than ably filled for the next 3 years, before departing for Johannesburg in 2010. Little did she know that over a decade after joining the organization, ...

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on The Week in Pictures #319

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Stunning pics this week. Love Mashaba and the Magingilane. Great bird images.

Thank you very much Marinda

Amazing first TWIP, Jacqui! I particularly love the two Fish Eagles in the tree!

Thanks so much Mands

What beautiful photos! While in Londolozi I took a lot of photos and have been painting from them. One was of a scar nosed lion. I wonder if it is the same one pictured in your blog. (Is there a way I can upload an image of my painting?) It would be interesting to do a blog of artists inspired by their Londolozi visit. Thank you so much for your newsletter. I had such an amazing time there with so much adventure! Hope to return soon.

Cyndy Beardsley, Colorado

Hi Cindy, we would love to see your painting. Please could you email your image to blog@londolozi.co.za. I am so glad you enjoyed your time with us. We hope to see you back here soon.

What a variety of wildlife you saw this week! Excellent overview.

Thank you so much for the message Joanne I am glad you enjoyed them. It was a fantastic few days.

Beautiful photos Jacqui. You have a good eye and the images reflect that. Lion profiles always thrill me…… you’ve a fabulous job many would covet that enables you to get away to the bush to work and play. Continue to enjoy!!

Thank you Denise I appreciate the message, I agree with you when it comes to lion profiles there is something so captivating about them.

Some inspiring images, Jacqui! I especially love the kingfisher and Harrier hawk screaming at each other!

The sighting of the Harrier Hawk getting bombed by the Kingfisher was absolutely spectacular, I am glad you enjoyed it too.

Brilliant. Thank you

Thank you so much for the comment

Thanks so much. What is current status of Tsalala pride as well as breakaway pride?

Hi Susan,
Sadly it looks like we’re a bout to lose the Tailed lioness; she’s in terrible condition.
The 4 year old lioness has been mating with one of the Birmingham males and the TAilless lioness and her cub have been feeding on a hippo carcass near the airstrip. Things are as confused and confusing as ever!!

Absolutely incredible range of photo’s and sightings!! Those pictures of the pied kingfisher, hamerkop and fish eagles are amazing and that shot of the gymnogene and woodland kingfisher shouting match has to be unique (amazing timing!). That portrait of the Majingilane male in the wind is just beautiful, as was the photo of the Mashaba Female drinking!!

Thank you so much Callum I was very lucky with some amazing sightings, I appreciate your kind words.

Pleasure Jacqui!!

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