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Nkoveni 2:2 Female

Nkoveni 2:2 Female

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Mashaba 3:3 Female

Mashaba 3:3 Female

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Piccadilly 3:3 female

Piccadilly 3:3 female

Spotted this leopard?
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on New Leopard on Londolozi: The Piccadilly Female

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It is good news indeed that there is another leopard moving in, on to Londolozi.

We were fortunate enough to spend 3 hours with Kikilezi and her 2 daughters Piccadilly and Sibyue when they were cubs in August 2014. Piccadilly surveyed the area as if to say”one day this will all be mine”. They are both magnificent! How happy I am they are both well and thriving,
Thank you for Highlighting her success!

Hi Laura,
Wonderful that you got to see her when she was a cub! Maybe you’ll be able to see HER cubs sometime… 🙂

There’s no doubt that if we want to see leopards, Londolozi is the place 🙂

Wonderful news, James! We spent hours watching Xidulu’s cubs play together last May – good to know she!s still OK. We also saw the Piccadilly female on the border road; she won Nick the bet!

Another twist in the tale (pun unitended) of Londolozi. I’ve read about this leopard on the Mala Mala website, she’s quite regularly seen there. Will be interesting to see if she or her cubs if they survive will push into the vacant area.

Eh……. I miss out on something! Did the Xidulu female first live in Mala Mala? And moved to Londolozi in recent years?
Perhaps it is just that I have been reading your blogs for just a year or so……………………..

Hi Irene,
Yes that is correct. The Xidulu female was born on Londolozi, moved onto Mala Mala, and then moved back onto Londolozi during her last year of life, although her territory still included some of Mala Mala. That’s the beauty of not having fences between reserves; the animals can roam where they want!

James, Very exciting news! We love hearing about the evolution of the leopards! Too bad that the boundary to following her to meet her cubs is still there… 🙁

Hi Michael and Terri,
Who knows, maybe next time you visit we’ll be able to visit? 😉

Exciting news!! What a beautiful leopard ! Look forward to hearing more news in due course!

How fabulous!! Good to know there’s another female to observe, and one with cubs. It is interesting to learn how cats will move from territory to territory, and how the dynamics will play out.

She’s beautiful! So hopeful for her and her cubs! This is very exciting, and good news!

James, the two sisters were always called DOKF 2.2 or DOKF 3.3. Do you happen to know which is which?

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