on Incredible Sighting: Lioness Carries Cubs

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I’m so happy for you Grant and the others on the drive to see and record this very special moment. It truly was exciting….even for me. Now you have it recorded with excellent images, a clear video and will always be retrievable in your mind’s eye. The green lushness at the river gave the images a subtle sense of freshness and new hope. Congratulations on your discovery. May the two Cubs survive and safely grow up!

Hello Joanne. It really was a special moment. It’s a moment the will stay with me forever. Hopefully we will see more of these cubs soon!!

Incredible experience Grant. It is these moments that will stay with you forever.

Senior Digital Ranger

What a exceptional and very moving experience for everyone.

What an incredible sighting!! Your guests must have been smiling ear to ear after that. I can’t think of anything more special to see save for a leopard carrying her cubs, or perhaps a cheetah mom. Thanks for the video!!

Divine providence….what awe-silencing experience. Watching the short clip slips me back to our safari days at Londolozzi…Firstly the awe feeling and then slipping into silence to cradle the witnessing of a mother’s enduring actions of survival for her offspring. What the wilds hold for us…❤️️

Incredible indeed. Thank you, Grant. Today is my bday…and a perfect gift of the photos as well as knowing there are new cubs! See you. In April!!

Hello Susan. Happy birthday for yesterday. I’m glad that this made your day more special. We look forward to seeing you here in April.

What a sighting! ❤️

What a thrill, Grant!! Thanks for sharing your experience!

Wow! What a sighting! Great photos and video Grant! Well done Jerry.. your eyesight is phenomenal!! Fantastic team!!

Thank you Gillian. Jerry sure does have spectular eye sight. Hope you are keeping well.

All well but missing Londolozi!

Incredible once-in-a-lifetime sighting Grant! Congratulations on your persistance and patience! We look forward to seeing more of those cubs!

Hello Michael and Terri. Thank you for your wonderful comment. It sure was a special moment to witness. Hopefully we will have more sightings of these cubs in the near future.

Perhps one of the most precious sightings possible!! I’ve never come close to experiencing something like that!

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