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Inyathini 3:3 Male

Inyathini 3:3 Male

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Born in Cape Town, Alex grew up on a family wine estate in Stellenbosch. Spending much of his young life outdoors, Alex went on many a holiday into Southern Africa’s national parks and wild areas. After finishing high school, he completed a number ...

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on The Week in Pictures #317

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Stunning pics this week Alex. Can hardly choose a favourite they are all fantastic. Tambotie cub, Ntsevu lioness, the Wilddog all lovely. The best must be the elephant tusks and trunks.

Thanks so much Marinda. Photography is an interesting thing. Its always possible no matter whether an animal is hidden by a bush or tree. The focus of the elephant’s tusk and trunk images creates imagination and captures emotion – an aim of wildlife photography. It opens the creative mind.

Thanks for the amazing memories top man Alex

Thanks Mike. Thanks to you for all the laughter and great time out in the bush!

love the chameleon…..we need to spot one for Max on our next visit

Haha. I will do my best to make sure of this Sam 😉 They are a lot more prominent on warm summer evenings. The warmth and increased insect population allows them to be more visible.

Some really lovely images, Alex. The soft fur of the zebra foal felt ‘touchable’ and even the old buffalo bull was splendid in the golden light. Thank you…

Thanks so much Mary Beth Wheeler. The inquisitive nature of the Zebra foal was amazing and as described above, it could possibly have been its first view of humans or a land rover.

Senior Digital Ranger

Thank you, Alex, for so many striking photographs of well documented life in Londolozi, as well as a few we don’t see as often. I have to say the “eyes” have it as far as I’m concerned today. I am drawn to the photo of the young zebra and the elephant trunk in the grass, however, the amazing close up of the chameleon just jumps off the page. I love starting all my days in Londolozi via my computer. Thank you.

Thanks Lucie. I hope the images keep you part of Londolozi no matter where you are.

I completely agree about how smart elephants are. I even think humans underestimate most animals about their intelligence and their feelings. We tend to think things do not exist if we can’t see or understand them.

Thank you. In my opinion you are completely correct.

Fantastic images…very enjoyable viewing.

Thank you Andrea

Senior Digital Ranger

Great photos Alex and the Hemingway quote says it all! Particularly loved the Buff in golden light with beautiful texture of boss against the body and not such an agressive full-on pose as we often see in Buff photos. The Tamboti cub on alert is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you Jennifer. Appreciate the comment!

Master Tracker

Some real crackerjack photos there, I love some of the leopard photos, but the picture of the week has got to be the croc.

Thank you Ian. With waters rising the crocs have been settling up in the flowing waters, mouths open, waiting in anticipation for any fish passing by. Its given us great opportunity at capturing these fascinating reptiles.

Senior Digital Ranger

Beautiful Alex, especially the fungus, the close up of the Chameleon & the Croc eye! Thank you, all the pictures are stunning! Have a great weekend

Thanks so much Wendy!

Absolutely amazing. Especially liked the Ellie trunk. The white faced whistling duck took my breath away. Thank you so much for sharing. I don’t tell you enough how beautiful it is to see these wonders from half a world away.

Great to hear. Thank you. I hope the images allow you to reminisce on times at Londolozi and keep you close no matter where you are in the world.

Alex, Wow, what an incredible set of images! We especially love the super close-ups! Pretty scary to get that close to the scorpion!

Thanks so much. Macro photography isn’t something one gets to experience day in and day out but there are so many possibilities out there. Its new to me and look forward to learning through experience.

Alex, beautiful photos this week. Especially like the leopards and the Zebra. The camera settings are also an educational and useful piece of information.

Cheers to a great weekend if sightings and fun!!

Thank you Denise. Wildlife photography is challenging. One needs to be ready to capture a moment in the flash of an eye and often settings can be obscured but practice allows one to work out guidelines and learn new things. Glad that including the settings can give you an idea and put you one step forward when you next pick up a camera.

How wonderful it must be seeing Londolozi burst with activity during the rains. I’m so happy to hear that more elephants have been sighted and that there is much to see on a drive. This week’s pictures are all exquisite and unique in their own way. Everyone seems to have a favorite (as I do), but to me all the photo’s show the wonderful diversity at Londolozi. Thanks Alex for a great blog post!!

Thanks so much Joanne. You summed it up – there is such great diversity in the bush at Londolozi at the moment.

I feel so privileged to have shared some of these sightings with yourself and my family. Simply stunning pictures – you are a true inspiration Greg (sorry….Alex!! I’ll get it right next time!). Love the chameleon – will have to try to get that shot on our next visit. Keep the pics coming.

Hahaha. Good one 😉 I really enjoyed the time with you and the family and look forward to playing with a few different photographic opportunities with you and the boys in the future. Thanks so much for the comments.

Absolutely – can’t wait! Beating you on points too 🙂 !!

Hi Alex such amazing pics, thanks for sharing them! It was a real privilege being with you and Euce and experiencing some of these sightings together. All good wishes

Thanks Kath. Was so great meeting you and sharing many experiences together. You two were such a treat to spend time with and i thoroughly enjoyed every minute. I look forward to seeing you back at Londolozi soon!

Incredible set of pictures!!! One thing I did miss in Botswana were these weekly posts, they just keep the bushveld fire in inside me burning continuously!

That chameleon close-up and the last elephant and white-faced duck profiles were particularly impressive

Thanks very much Callum. Appreciate your blog support and comments.

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