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on Can Black Rhinos and White Rhinos Mate?

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Interesting blog Rob. Genetics are fascinating. If the two rhino species were not both present at the time in a confined area would the white rhino female have mated with the black rhino?
At least there is hope for Sudan and to ensure the continuation of the northren white rhino.

Fascinating blog! I’ve always wondered about the seemingly non cross-breeding between many of the animals in the wild, especially within the deer families. Within the animal species, it appears they only mate with another of their same kind. Can it be a genetic trait? Thank you for the thought provoking article.

Master Tracker

Good post, should have had more responses. Saw Black Rhino in South Africa at Tembe, have also seen Black Rhino on a run. Something between Linford Christie and a Tiger Tank. The key point is will they mate in the wild? I suspect as numbers decrease they will. Not all wild life performs to norms if stressed. I saw lions performing very differently in Ruaha which abuts hunting reserves. i.e. Two males reacted very differently than if they had been in the Kruger.

Great article. I think another key point would be: are the hybrids fertile?

Very Good question Lachlan!
With tiger-lion hybrids, the females are fertile but the males are sterile. It would be interesting if the same were the case here.
Ian, any thoughts?

This gives me hope that there will be a continuation….was unaware that the numbers were so diminutive! Very interesting blog.

So it is possible! Wonder if the same holds true for the three Asian rhino species?

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