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Ndzanzeni 4:3 Female

Ndzanzeni 4:3 Female

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Amy worked at Londolozi from 2014 to 2017, guiding full time before moving into the media department, where her photographic and story-telling skills shone through. Her deep love of all things wild and her spiritual connection to Africa set her writing and guiding ...

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on Reconciliation Day: How To Restore Harmony For All

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Amy it is such a beautiful blog. It is so true that we all belong together on this one and only earth we have. We’ve got to look more to nature to see the important things that matter most.

Thank you, Marinda. Sending lots of love to you and Des over the festive season!

Thank you Amy. A lovely festive season to you and the Londolozi family.

When I see you in a few months, I may call you Ms. Ethereal. This post is beautiful, and in the United States very timely. Hope you don’t mind that I took some of your words along with a quote from Nelson Mandela and posted it on my Facebook page.

Haha thank you, Jeff. I like that! And yes, so glad you used some of these words. You’re welcome to re-post anytime! Best wishes for the holiday season!

Senior Digital Ranger

Another beautiful thought-provoking blog to remind us of what matters most. Thank you Amy.

Thank you, Jennifer!

Reconciliation Day should be celebrated world wide as a reminder of a truth: we are all one. Lovely blog Amy. Additionally I enjoyed learning about the leopard orchid flower, it’s deeper meaning and why it is symbolic to Londolozi.

Beautiful Joanne! Thank you for this. Which of the three symbols leaps out at you when you look at the Londolozi logo?

Fantastic essay Amy and so informative for those of that need a reminder of South African history. I’ve always loved seeing the leopard orchids while on safari and that you’ve seen one with the famous leopard female nestled beside it is awesome.
As far as reconciliation back to what truly matters, that is the BIG question for today. From my perspective, as long as we don’t lose sight of the wonders of our world and take the necessary and responsible steps to protect their future, then we have contributed to the reconciliation between man and nature. Now saying that, there is still the issue of man vs man and that is the ever present problem throughout the world. The answer you’d think would be simple- kindness, understanding, forgiveness, love, acceptance…… yet politics, anger, religious beliefs, prejudices, and misplaced pride block the road to harmony. So in the spirit of the holidays I continue to hope for reconciliation between the humans of our world and together bring a newfound peace. Cheers!!

Loved this Denise! All so true. When I become overwhelmed by the global situation I try to remember that the change starts from within and from our closest relationships. From there we can only hope that it fractals outwards. Wishing you all the best over this festive season 🙂

Beautifully written article! I’ve seen leopard orchids before, three on the iMfolozi Wilderness Trail.

They’re beautiful aren’t they Callum?! What trees were they growing in there and how big were the ones that you saw?

They really are! Funnily enough that was the same day we also saw a leopard strolling down the Black iMfolozi about 700 metres from us. I can’t remember what tree they were in but they were pretty big specimens. Can send you a photo via instagram if you like (you might also work out the tree species that way)

Send one to Callum and we’ll take a look..

Senior Digital Ranger

Amazing and informative post, Amy. I hope you write a book some day, with your gift with words. Thank you for sharing this.

Ah thank you, Carolyn! I hope so too 🙂 How did you celebrate Reconciliation Day??

Senior Digital Ranger

Thank you for your kind response, Amy. There were many ways I celebrated on many different levels that day.
During the busiest time of the year for us, it seems my husband and I are often two ships passing in the night. We took a couple hours that evening to catch up with each other while relaxing quietly and petting our dog in front of a warm fire. This time to reconnect with my little family was invaluable.
Earlier that day, I emailed a donation to the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Foundation in memory of a friend’s pet who had passed away a few months ago. My hope is that the AHVM can make strides in prevention of and cures for diseases using holistic measures. I suppose that was a round-about way of reconciling with animals and nature in a positive manner.
I received a text of thanks from that friend a few hours later with a photo of a dog she had just adopted and was in the process of rehabilitating.
We will be getting together after the holidays so I can meet her new family member. It felt great to reconnect with her.
I felt a spiritual reunion while stringing lights on our Christmas tree that evening. Each light reminded me of love brought into our world.
How did you end up celebrating this special day? I envision you spending time in a favorite tree, sharing the joy and wonder of nature with others and feeling peace and connection with all under a blanket of shimmering stars.
We are sending our love to you and all the Londolozi family this holiday season.

What a special moment. So happy to have shared it with you and the rest of the Damn Thirsty tribe!

Couldn’t have been a better team to have shared that incredible moment with Eve! Miss you all! Sending lots of love and hope you having a gorgeous holiday season 🙂

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