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on Do All Kingfishers Eat Fish?

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It makes sense that the migratory species are all insect-eaters (though the brown-hooded manages to get by). I have noticed, though I’ve not yet seen one, that mangrove kingfishers have very thick bills (like the giants) which I’m now led to presume is because they regularly feed on crabs in the mangroves?

Interesting facts about kingfishers Pete. We have the brown hooded in our garden most of the year. They help control the cricket population. We get the woodlands moving through in summer.

I was aware of just several types of Kingfishers, but totally unaware of the variety of species, whether they migrated and their preferred food sources. I always thought they were magical birds! Now learning that they “toss” their food to better ingest isn’t necessarily the first moment they’ve captured it. I’d reposition a scorpion to go head first too, rather than stinger first myself! Actually … just give me a fish!

Really interesting information, Pete! Thanks!

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