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on Lion Update – Tsalala Sisters Reunite

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Interesting ĺion dynamics. Hope that the 3 cubs survive. Great news that the Tsalalas are together again.

You had me at Tsalala sisters and then the article just kept reading better and better. The realignment of the two prides is fascinating yet it is disturbing to know that the fate of the cubs hangs in the balance. They are old enough to fend for themselves if given the opportunity but as you mentioned the genetics could lead to their demise. Well written!!

Senior Digital Ranger

These are certainly interesting dynamics in the struggle for survival among these various prides. Thanks for sorting it out.

Interesting…I hope everything with The Tsalala pride turns out ok. Waiting for more updates hopefully soon.

Master Tracker

Awaiting developments with interest. The Tsalala Pride does not look to be a strong one and you wonder how long it can hold on. I recently saw a documentary about a dominant coalition of males in Sabi Sands, it was pretty strong stuff. Looked to have been filmed a few years ago.

Wonderful blog entry. Just fascinating. And, of course, terrific images. Thanks!

This just keeps getting more and more interesting!! I’m baffled as to why the Tsalala lioness abandoned her cubs, maybe could’ve have been to help jolt them into independence. Either, the Tsalala lions need a strong coalition in order to survive, will be interesting to see if the Birmingham males enter the ring. The Avoca males just left as I recall.
Also, are there are any ‘stable’ lion prides on the reserve at the moment?

Loved this update. The Tsalala Pride write their own rule book when it comes to lion behaviour. I remember a similar story when I was watching the Tsalala Pride about 15 years ago. They were drinking at a pan in the North of Londolozi. Suddenly their heads pricked up and they went into stealth mode all crawling in different directions. They were stalking and we had prime seats to watch the action but we couldn’t see what they were stalking. After about 15 minutes of suspense they charged into a Guarri bush and came out with a tortoise…

I had just asked about the Tsalala Breakaway Pride and now I have an answer. The answer is a scary one regarding the abandoned young and the other sub adults in each pride. I am praying that all this sorts itself out with the least amount of loss as possible. Rob, this blog was very informative and of course the pictures are always beautiful. Thank you

Looks like Nhenha of the Birmingham Boys. Hoping the strength of this coalition beings stability to the prides in the South.

Digital Ranger

Its so sad to see both of them were in so bad shape ,when the ending came! RIP both

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