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Torchwood 3:3 Male

Torchwood 3:3 Male

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Guy Brunskill

Alumni Ranger

Guy worked as a ranger for Londolozi from 2017 until the end of 2021. He grew up in Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal. From a young age he visited the bush each holiday. It was during these early years that his passion and interest was ...

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on A Day I Will Never Forget

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Senior Digital Ranger

Will you make a card for Torchwood? He is so amazing. My favourite leopard 🙂

Hi Alessandra, now that he has been seen on our property a few times there is good chance we will make one for him.

Add this leopard to the leopards of londolozi

Hi Ramone, he certainly is now part of the leopards of Londolozi as he has been moving around the south western part of our property.

Senior Digital Ranger

we did 24 safari and never got an aardvark in sight , dead or alive !
You may ask James !
Lucky you

Hi Dina, yes I agree we were extremely lucky to have seen what we did, many guides even go for years without seeing one. You never quite know what is around the next corner at Londolozi so I will keep my fingers crossed you get the opportunity to see one on your next visit.

Wow! Amazing sighting Guy. We have never seen an Aardvark in the bush either and is on our bucket list. Hope it is a live one if we do. Still incredible.

Thank you Marinda, we were extremely lucky and I too wish you can see one of these incredible creatures alive.

Senior Digital Ranger

Certainly an amazing day of viewing wildlife. Thanks for sharing.

It truely was, glad you enjoyed it Lucie.

What a great day for you all. He is beautiful and I wish him well for a long time. Great pictures.

He certainly is such a beautiful male Judy and hopefully we will start seeing a lot more of him on our property.

What an amazing day you and your guests were fortunate enough to experience. The crash of rhinos was a real find and I especially liked your photo of the mud drenched member. The lighting was beautiful- your settings?
What can one say about a leopard sighting? It’s the best and to have the payoff of a bizarre kill , tucked into his chosen tree, is the icing on the cake. What a day!!

Hi Denise, I was a very soft light so used a low ISO 300, f5.6 and shutter speed of 1/1000. It is one of my favorite sightings viewing these colossal mammals rolling around in the mud, have you seen it before? It was just one of those incredible days when luck was on our side for the sighting with the leopard and the aardvark, something I dont think I will ever see again.

I could hardly contain my excitement at seeing the first photos of the rhinos playing in the mud! Then I was astounded by the leopard kill. What a day indeed! Great pics, great story for everyone except the aardvark! Thanks for sharing, Guy!

I was very similar to you Darlene, and that is one of the most exciting things about the bush here at Londolozi, is that you just never know what you might see. Glad you enjoyed the read and hopefully we can take you on your own safari in the near future.

Interesting the Torchwood Male.

Torchwood is a unusually beautiful Leopard and those light eyes and a bit lighter fur is a bit different than others in Londolozi. I hope that you see him again soon and that it’s just as exciting!

I certainly agree with you Joanne, his eyes are like non other I have seen. His light colored eyes captures your attention and I too hope to see him a lot more on our property.

Senior Digital Ranger

Well done to you Guy & Shadrack for this amazing blog & stunning pictures, I am sure your guests will never forget this drive! Look forward to more exciting moments from you 🙂

Thank you very much Wendy, I don’t think any of us will to be honest. Thank you for your comment and I hope to give you more exciting moments to read about.

Incredible sighting guy, both to see the Torchwood male and to witness his hoisted aarvark as prey.

Now that is what I call luck!! I have heard of a couple of cases of leopards preying on aardvarks, one of which came from Mala Mala in 1992 and another from the Kalahari. So it’s not unheard of but aardvarks are defintely not normal prey for any predator as they are very hard to catch (in addition to their expert burrowing skills, they are pretty fast). The fact that this leopard caught one is very impressive. Still need to see an aardvark myself too.

Hi Callum, it was such lucky day. I had also done some research but you are dead right they are not normal prey and it’s not often these incredibly rare animals are killed and hoisted but yet again there is so much we never see out in the bush. Hopefully you will get the chance see one alive when you do.

I don’t think aardvarks are normal prey for any predator, dodging a bullet there! I suppose it would be comparible to seeing a leopard with a python or aardwolf kill!! Thanks, I hope so too!!

….just curious of how an animal like an aardvark would defend itself if attacked by a small predator like a silver-backed jackal or maybe a caracal ?? Could you shed some light on this ??

Wow! Rare sighting, but also sad. An interesting view of the powerful tail, claws, and ears. Interesting article.

Great post Guy. I have not seen the Torchwood Male leopard yet, but look forward to spotting him on our next drive!

To answer your question, I’ve not seen rhinos wallowing in the mud, but only afterwards when they are encrusted in the taupe plaster. Next trip perhaps…….

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