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Growing up in Cape Town, the opposite end of South Africa from its main wildlife areas, didn't slow Callum down when embarking on his ranger training at Londolozi at the start of 2015. He had slowly begun moving north-east through the country anyway, ...

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on 20 of My Favourite Londolozi Photographs

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Callum I wish you well in your new venture. Still remember the great times we had with you as our trainee ranger. Wonderful photos and memories.

Master Tracker

Fantastic photos, I hope you have them lodged with a good photographic agency.

Best wishes

Your photos are beautiful, such wonderful memories of your time at Londolozi. Since my favorite animal is the leopard, I really enjoyed all those shots! We wish you the best of luck as you transit the ocean to our great country. Where are you relocating to and what will you be doing if I may ask? We are in Eastern Tennessee, but have lived in several areas in the States.

Callum, We will miss your giant smile when we visit Londolozi again! Thank you for always creating such memorable experiences for all our Gulf Coast Connoisseur Club guests! Our favorite of these amazing images (very tough to choose!) is the magical one of Nkoveni! We wish you the best of luck always and hope to see you in the USA soon!

Some really fun shots, Callum! I love the lions drinking, Tamboti and her cub and the sinister-looking Inyathini in the Y of the tree. But I think my favorite is the one of Xidulu & her 2 cubs walking down the riverbed. We enjoyed spending time with the 3 at our last visit and the pic almost foretells their future…Good luck!!

Digital Ranger

I thank you Callum for sharing londolozi with us all. I wish you the best on your next adventure. You will be missed ranger Gowar! ?

Love your pictures…can’t pick one as all are beautiful. Love the male curled up in the tree. I especially love your message, as Londolozi stands out for me because of the interactions and special “connections” that happen when one is fortunate enough to stay there. Hoping to come back for a third time. Good luck !

I’m loving the Mashaba female yawn photo. Her expression is priceless although choosing one is really impossible as your 20 favorite are beautiful. All the best in your new adventure.

I will miss your blogs. I live through all of you guys. Good luck and thank you for the beautiful pictures and stories. I so miss the late leopards, but I have pictures to remind me of there awesome beauty.

I will miss your stories and beautiful pictures. I have to live through all of you. I dream I am over there. I hope that you have all that you have hoped for in your new endeavors. I miss the late leopards, but luckily I have pictures to remind me of their awesome beauty. be safe and happy.

Senior Digital Ranger

Callum, I may have said this before, but I believe these are all the most stunning pictures & wow for a new photographer, you are already a pro!! If I read right, you will still be writing for Londo from your travels, then we have something to look forward to!!! Good luck on your new adventure, but you will miss the bush & the leopards 😉 Go well

This is a lovely set of photographs, each one as good as the next. Makes me want to return to Londolozi as soon as possible!!

Your pictures are incredible and it’s almost an impossible task to pick a favourite. The striking bird picture stands out among the rest for the clarity you captured in what would have lasted only seconds. My favourite is the Flat Rock male in the Jackelberry tree. I could stare at him forever.

Senior Digital Ranger

Fantastic pictures Callum, a touching and beautiful goodbye.

Senior Digital Ranger

many of them are great pictures ,but for me the most peculiar is the European roller!

It’s totally impossible to choose just one favorite from your exquisite group of images! I’m sure your presence will be missed at Londolozi and we all, as the viewer, wish you the very best in your future endeavors. Your writing is superb and your photographic are excellent. Godspeed, Callum and I look forward to future blogs in your new location!

Definetely an incredible range of photos, with most of them being of leopards!! If I had to pick favourites, I have to go with the Majigilane sunset, the Nkoveni female and her cubs, and the Tutwa female. That one Xidulu cub, on the right, also looks like it’s full, where they coming back from a kill?

Really sad to see you leave Londolozi, but glad that you’ll still be contributing to the blog and looking forward to seeing where the future takes you!

Good luck with your journey and thanks again to you and Freddie for creating memories for us!
Always welcome in Sarasota–ask Anna, Kate, or Nick!

Beautiful and moving photographs that show so well your love of Londolozi….best wishes to you in your next life.

Wonderful pictures, thank you so much! And good luck in your future ventures! I have a question, when for instance the Nkoveni cubs were killed by a rival leopard, do they eat the cubs? I am assuming if they do not, they do get eaten by Hyenas or some other animal?

Amazing pictures. It would be hard to pick a favorite one. I hope when I come back I get to see that many lions drinking!

Senior Digital Ranger

Amazing photos and would be hard pressed to chose a favourite from Leopards relaxed, smiling, walking towards you… very powerful, 13 lions drinking -wow, iconic Lion silhouette, but I think the Nkoveni female at sunset does it for me! Brilliant Callum and thanks for bringing back wonderful memories of Londolozi.

I just noticed now that the right back paws of all three leopards are in mid-air, in almost the exact same position!! That is the definition of perfect timing!

I can see why these photographs represent some of your favourites. Great work in an amazing part of the world. I am sure Londolozi will be hard to top but the world is a big place…all the best Callum for the next phase of your life.

The Nkoveni female in a marula tree! Excited and happy to read you will still pop up on this blog. You will be missed by many. Tutu/Gogo

Best of Luck in your future endeavors. while i love all 20 photos, 2 stand out to me. the eye level photo of the flat rock male lounging in the tree, and the back lit photo of the Matimba male. can you advise what type of settings you use to capture back lit photos like this one?

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