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Nanga 4:3 Female

Nanga 4:3 Female

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Born in Cape Town, Alex grew up on a family wine estate in Stellenbosch. Spending much of his young life outdoors, Alex went on many a holiday into Southern Africa’s national parks and wild areas. After finishing high school, he completed a number ...

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on Lion Pride Reforms

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Alex the blog read like a suspense novel. I have been following the Tsalala pride and the troubles that surround them for years. I still have photos of the two tailless females together.

The lion dynamics at Londolozi are so dramatic they could do a reboot of Big Cat Diary about them and the leopards! It would very interesting to see if the two prides reunite. If the Tsalala has few members at the moment, it would make sense to rejoin with the Breakaways as their chances of survival would improve and they could take down larger prey more frequently.
Also, if lions are likely responsible for the death of the Tailess Female’s cub, who is the most likely culprit?

Incredible how these dynamics change almost daily. I can’t wait to hear more….

Master Tracker

Waiting with interest

Wow! So much activity and speculation among the cat families. I can hardly wait to hear the next installment.

Thank you for the update. I thought the Tsalala pride split had been the result of the Matimba male coalition moving into Londolozi in 2015 the post mentions the Majingalane being responsible for the split. Maybe I missed something? Thanks!

So interesting story to read every day. Thanks to all the authors!

Wow, We are always amazed at the drama in the lion and leopard dynamics! Thanks for the update!!!

This is one of the most touching blogs I’ve read. I hope the pride gets back together again..the look in the lions in the last picture,aye, it’s something else…

Thanks for the update but I noticed a couple of inconsistencies as it relates to previous blog posts:

1. The Tsalala sister’s (old Tailess and old Tailed lionesses) split was caused by the arrival of the Matimbas, not by the Majingilane.

2. Regarding the Tsalala pride’s five cubs fathered by the Matimbas; firstly two were born to the older tailed female (both females I believe), a few months after this, three cubs were born to the younger female of the Tsalala pride, also fathered by Matimbas. This means that there are two older cubs and three younger cubs, not the other way round as the article seems to imply.

Nonetheless, many thanks for the update it was an interesting read!

Abbaas Thanks for the comments.

100% correct, a few inconsistencies there. Corrected forthwith. Thanks for pointing that out.

I love this blog Alex!!! I can’t wait for the next! Thanks for making the Paperny trip so successful!

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