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Inyathini 3:3 Male

Inyathini 3:3 Male

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Tamboti 4:3 Female

Tamboti 4:3 Female

Spotted this leopard?
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on How Patience Leads You To Four Leopards

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What an incredible experience Judith. It is so special to see leopard cubs. Sometimes it does pay to be patient in the bush. Lovely images of the cubs.

Master Tracker

Many guests wouldn’t have had the patience . Many guests would have missed the sighting of a lifetime

So happy for you to have this experience. Your cub in the tree Photo is priceless. Travels to Africa requires packing a great deal of patience, and fewer articles of clothing!

Senior Digital Ranger

Thank you Judith, I could feel the excitement sitting here reading your moment of seeing these gorgeous little cubs! All the pictures are outstanding 🙂

what a fantastic sight ! usually with clients, they want to see some other animal and they do not have patience .. So wonderful to have those pictures!!

Terrific recounting of a magical day! Thanks for sharing your stories and pics, Judith!

What a fantastic experience for you all. Patience does indeed pay off. Nice blog and pics. Thanks for sharing.

What a really lovely story. Thank you. Beautiful pics also of the cubs etc. Wendy

An absolutely perfect day!! Can’t believe your luck! This is definetly proof that patience and perseverence really does pay off!

It must have been an exciting experience Judith.The photos are beautiful.

Wow ! how amazing! An incredible and exciting experience and great photos! This is one of the things that makes Londolozi so special – to be able to watch and track animals and stay with them rather than being on a fixed time schedule. And to do it in the company of rangers and trackers who are prepared to go the extra mile (literally) to give guests an experience that will touch the soul and that they will never, ever forget.

I think this is only possible in Londolozi! The best Place to see Leopards! Looking forward to be back next year

Amazing content and pictures ! One should do all his work with patience to be successful.I will share this post on
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