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Alistair guided at Londolozi from late 2016 to late 2017. Despite only a short stint here, he made a great impression on the guests he drove and formed a great bond with tracker Euce Madonsela. His photography is excellent, and is a passion ...

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on Lions Hunt Kudu in Sand River

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The tailless lioness is an amazing mother, hopefully she will be able to raise these cubs to adulthood.The Majingilane seem to be an ever-present threat to the 2 Tsalala prides,they chased the Tsalalas in MalaMala a couple of days ago and the pride split up.Have you seen them recently and do you know if they have found each other?

Thank you so much for the update! I could picture it all!

Great images of the Tsalalas. They seem to be in good condition.

Senior Digital Ranger

These are the best photos of the Tailless lioness and her cubs that I have seen. I always look forward to my day “starting in Africa” through your blog.

Senior Digital Ranger

Wow that was so exciting I was on the edge of my seat! The tailless “wonder” never ceases to disappoint, glad that her cubs are growing up “safely” I wish them a long healthy life 🙂 Thank you Alistair

Senior Digital Ranger

I always enjoy reading about the Breakaway Tsalalas.. The tailless lioness is my favorite lioness in the bush, as was her mother who we called BB. I hope Tailless has passed on the knowledge to her niece as her mother passed it to her. I find it amazing how these two tailless lioness have lived lives so parallel to each other. Thank you for the update. I hope she has a few more years to let us enjoy her company.

Thanks for the post Alistair! Happy to hear the tailless female remains a good mama!!!

Beautiful pictures with awesome text Alistair.Good work.Those lions show a fierce territory.Keep them coming.

OMGosh Alistair! I have goosebumps. We will forever have these memories in our hearts. Seeing this amazing female legend was such an exciting start to our journey and we have such outstanding memories of our days at Londolozi. Wow, just wow! Can’t wait to return.

Great sighting and photos! Hope to get the chance to see a hunt myself soon!! This pride is still making Londolozi headlines at the moment, going to be interesting to see how the dynamics pan out.

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