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Stunning video. A wonderful African experience.

Thank you Marinda. I will relay the compliment to my son. My role is cheerleader, Sherpa (carrying equipment), and funding. He chooses the scenes, shoots the videos with cameras and drones, chooses the music, edits the videos to fit the music, and other editing tasks I do not understand.
I noticed you cannot view the video in high resolution by clicking on the link above (at least from my IPad). It was filmed entirely in 4K so for the full effect click on the link below which takes you directly to YouTube and allows you to maximizes resolution. It looks great on a large screen. My son says if you are on a desk top computer even the imbedded link above allows you to view in high res.

Thanks for the link. He is a talented young man. Hope to see you back in Africa soon and looking forward to more videos of our lovely continent.

Incredible and inspiring video! Congratulations William – thanks for sharing such a beautiful story!

I was moved to tears by this video, thank you so much for sharing. Masterfully done!

Great video!

Senior Digital Ranger

I would think William has a fantastic future in photography or anything else he chooses to go for. Thanks for sharing the wonderful video.

Great article, Bill! You capture in words what William does in pictures and video. Thanks to you both.

Thank you Sarah. And thank you for the generous donation!

That is a great blog and video of your wonderful African experience. Thank you all for sharing your memories with us all. I do hope that you will indeed return to Africa and visit the school again. Londolozi is a great caring place, and, although I have never been there, I am so glad that you all had that opportunity.

Amazing video!

Senior Digital Ranger

What a lovely video. Thanks for sharing your experience. Londolozi is indeed sacred ground, soften’s my soul and reflects what unity can be.

Awesome video!! it shows a great diversity of why Africa is so amazing. Once you have been there, you just want to keep returning! Do you think your son would mind if I shared his video?

Thank you for the compliment. Please feel free to share the video.

Wow, young William has a bright future ahead of him as a filmmaker! Very impressive video! Africa gets into your blood! We love it there.

Great blog and video – I definitely think that William has a great future as a film maker – perhaps wildlife……… at Londolozi!

Thank you for the kind words Gillian! William’s videos keep getting better. He says he wants to be a physician but we encourage him to learn as much as he can about many different areas and develop a wide variety of skills. I think he will be great at whatever he pursues.
Whether as a film maker or simply vacationing we will definitely return to Africa and Londolozi.

William the video is wow!Africa is a paradise.The landscape,the vegetation,the wildlife…etc.Very remarkable work there.Quite a skill you got.I love the wild

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