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on Seven-Year-Old Combats Poaching

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It is heart warming to know someone is out there raising awereness for the plight of our rhinos. Well done Graydon. This is a cause that is very close to my heart.

Digital Ranger

Awesome job Grayden!! I’m so proud and inspired by your dedication to wildlife conservation. Your passion makes me smile 🙂

Way to go Grayden

This is where conservation and empathy begins – educating children. Kudos to Greg and Equalizer for not only teaching Grayson about bush life but to inspire him to continue his interest and excitement back to his classroom.

Great job, Grayden! Keep those innovative conservation ideas coming – we need smart thinkers like you if we are to save our animals!

Hi Grayden!
Good for you to take up the Rhino Problem and design a drone with your friends! We in South Africa are very. very concerned about our poor rhinos – not only because of how few are left, but also because of the pain they go through when poachers hack the horn out and they may be just injured, and not dead yet, and can feel everything! It is cruel and pointless, isn’t it? Thank you again, Grayden, for your care. Keep it up! Wendy

God bless him! And let him be an inspiration to others.

Well done Grayden, it is inspiring to see young people taking action for a better planet. Good luck with all your future projects and innovations in this space.

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