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Piva 3:2 Male

Piva 3:2 Male

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James had hardly touched a camera when he came to Londolozi, but his writing skills that complemented his Honours degree in Zoology meant that he was quickly snapped up by the Londolozi blog team. An environment rich in photographers helped him develop the ...

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on Farewell to the Piva Male

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Seeing the Piva male in Feb 2017 was an awesome sight. It took some searching but finally we spotted him on the ground in some thick bush. Just a few yards away we spied 2 kills up in a tree. Then to our amazement we saw a 3rd kill in the next tree over. He had been a busy boy that morning. He was obviously a prince of leopards and will be sorely missed by so many.

Piva was my favourite! RIP

Hi James, and all that wrote in this article,

You have all written beautifully about an amazing animal and I am so sorry to all of you for this terribly sad loss!
I have only had exposure to the Piva male through the blogs, but he is one of my favourite leopards of Londolozi.
He was exactly how a leopard should look if you were describing the animal to someone who had never seen one, an amazing good looking and powerful cat.
I will be so sad to not read about him or see him in the WIP, but like you say, at least there is closure on how his story ended.
RIP Piva, may your memory live on.

I am so saddened by this news. I am sitting reading this blog and my eyes are bristling with tears. I never had the fortune to see this wonderful leopard but feel that I know him in a small way through your stories
. I was so looking forward to seeing this beauty in September when I arrive. Nature has it’s own mind, however some things touch you in ways that are tough to swallow. Hugs to you all – I know that you are hurting with this loss.

I have seen this beautiful specimen in person. We watched him mate several times. It is hard to imagine that he no longer walks this earth. Gone in his prime, so sad. Nature works in mysterious ways. We see the same with humans. He will live on in our memories as the most beautiful male leopard we have ever seen.

That is devastating news. He was such a beautiful animal. I saw him at the end of January lying in a drainage channel in the early morning light and we watched him for some time. He was so big and healthy and I thought he would be part of the Londolozi family for several year. Following the death of one of the other leopards I saw on that trip, the Xidulu female, perhaps only the Flat Rock male and Xidulu female cub survice of the 5 I saw. It will be an opportunity for another leopard to move into a prime territory but a sad loss nevertheless.

Thanks James. I great tribute!

Senior Digital Ranger

How can you not come to love and be in awe of such an incredibly beautiful animal. These remarks are such wonderful tributes to the Piva Male. They are also a recognition of the gratitude and wonder of being allowed into the world of the animals, who never know what their lives mean to us, mere humans. My thoughts are with all who grieve the loss and for whom the memories of Piva Male will live on.

This is sad news indeed. We saw the Piva male briefly only once on our visit in 2016 but he left a lasting impression. I remember we spotted him or rather Gerry spotted him in a thicket resting. He was very relaxed despite the noise of Land Rovers manoeuvring around him. Even partially obscured we could tell he was a magnificent animal. I caught my breath when I first saw him up close; and as we sat barely a few feet away, still hardly daring to breathe, I pinched myself that I was actually at Londolozi seeing this very special animal. How very lucky we have been.

Wonderful eulogy and images. This hurts. RIP Piva male.

Senior Digital Ranger

Very sad news. Such a majestic and beautiful animal he was. Goodbye,Piva Male.

Such a strong story, the disbelief that a Piva male in his prime could succumb to the wilds. In my life it seems I need things to make at least some sort of sense. This points the compass to the way other workings outside my tiny bubble of life can make little or no sense Nor do they need to, they just are, neither good or bad, or some puzzle to crack, it just is. Thank for this beautiful piece, you have changed my morning and my outlook. Allowing life to be as it is…

James, what a lovely tribute to the legendary Piva. Such a sad, devastating loss and in such a horrible way. It’s so heartbreaking.

What a sad occasion but a beautiful tribute to a magnificent male, Piva. Thank you.

One of our favourite male Leopards. Shows how harsh the bush is and a split second decision determines you fate. Farewell and it was a privilege to have seen him at his prime.

Extremely sad news. Not only because Piva was a beautifull cat but also because he was the last representative (with Ndzanzeni female, by the way the only member of this leopard family I never met…) of the initial Mother/Tugwaan/3-4 female lineage… Certainly a very important moment for Londolozi history.

This breaks my heart. So sad to read of his passing .

Halfway around the world a long way from Africa I was brought to tears at this sad news. I too have watched and learnt about the Piva male through your wonderful blogs from Londolozi that I so look forward to every day. Deeply saddened to hear of his violent death I also understand it is the way of nature but what a magnificent male he was. Thank you for bringing me so close to the amazing wildlife you share with others around the world.

I am so grateful I got to see the Piva male for the first time on my most recent visit last month. He was magnificent, stunning and grand. Thank you for sharing your memories of him with us. And I agree with Kevin…getting attached is natural .

A big beautiful leopard gone way to soon.Only got to know the Piva male leopard from the blog and the pics
but he was a favorite .With the Piva male gone I was wondering about the Anderson male leopard.Have not seen any mention of him in a while,is he still around.The Avoca male lions seem to be making there name around there.
Was there ever a blog story done on them telling there history and where they came from.
Another great blog and pics James but sad to read.

Devastated by the news of Piva`s death -he was such a special big boy for us!

Wow James! What a beautifully and sensitively written piece about the beloved Piva male. One of my most memorable encounters with this male was spending an entire game drive enjoying him keep vigil over a bushbuck and cane rat he had stashed high up in some riverine vegetation. Simon was so patient with us as we sat and breathed in his magnificence. Piva was of particular interest to me as he is related to one of my all time favorite leopards, the Piva Female (Nottens). I stand with all of you in disbelief and acknowledge the light he brought into our lives. May his legacy live on and his cubs stay safe.

Thanks for the comments Sean.
Glad to hear the Piva female was one of your favourites.
There is possible confusion though between the leopard WE refer to as Nottens (who was the Piva female’s mother), and the one that Sabi Sabi refer to as Nottens (think they spelt it with an ‘i’), who was the Piva female herself.
Best regards

What a moving tribute to Piva, James. I feel so badly about his too-soon death. But I also feel so much gratitude for the hours Bob and I have spent with him. I will miss him…and I now worry about his cubs as a new dominant male moves in.

Thanks Mary Beth,
There is still hope as far as the cubs are concerned – blog coming out on this subject next week…

A fitting tribute to a magnificent male leopard. Thank you for posting everyone’s comments and images of this incredible male leopard.

This is such sad news, we had the privilege of spending time with this magnificent leopard when we were with you in March, he will be greatly missed

Such very sad news of the loss of an amazing Leopard.

I agree with all of you… James, Amy, Kev and Nick – Whether it’s right or not to experience feelings of loss over a wild animal, I certainly feel great sadness about the Piva male’s passing. I grateful to have had so many amazing sighting of him. Thanks for writing a great farewell to him.

I am saddened to learn of the death of the Piva male. He was truly a magnificent leopard and I know you will all miss him. Nature can seem to be cruel, but the law of the land does not follow our mores but rather that of the animal universe. His spirit will live on in your memories, his sons and daughters and to those countless guests who were able to experience his greatness in the bush. Cheers for Piva!!

RIP PIVA RIP.James touching article pictures are beautiful too.Thank you for the informati

Hello James,
Thank you for a lovely tribute. Piva had become my favorite leopard to photograph. I had first seen him in 2015 and photographed him laying on a log. This has become my favorite photograph of all my leopards difficult to beat the photos of Mashaba young female? we photographed together. I was fortunate to see him again two times while visiting in April of this year. I am saddened by the news and have wept several times today each time I read this and each time I see him in several photographs I have hanging on my walls in my home. I appreciate learning of the details that you have shared. It just reinforces the fact that we must appreciate the beauty of nature and her wild creatures every moment. Thank you again for all you passion about telling the story of the animals that inhabit the magical land of Londolozi

Thanks for the comments Irene. It’s amazing to see how many people his death has affected.
Hopefully when you come back you can see some of his progeny alive and well!

This is a true tragedy. As a lion expert and moderator of an top lion / wildlife expert site, I see many tails that may seem upsetting were I not trained to keep a keen eye on anthropomorphism. My analysis comes to the result that the Avoca Males are stressed from the pressure of history’s most brutal killers, the Majingilane, and attempting to demonstrate power. The Avoca Males are also smaller than most adult male lions and may have been threatened from the indirect encounter a few weeks ago when the huge Majingilane males visited.

Sorry to tears! Me neither I had seen a leopard so beautiful, so majestic, capable of transmitting a sense of calm.
I read your stories for two years and every time a leopard die, or I see photos of injured lions, I suffer a lot because of the hardness and cruelty of nature. But it is nature!

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