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Growing up in Cape Town, the opposite end of South Africa from its main wildlife areas, didn't slow Callum down when embarking on his ranger training at Londolozi at the start of 2015. He had slowly begun moving north-east through the country anyway, ...

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on The African Wild Dog: On the Hunt Again…

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Ian Hall

I was incredibly fortunate to see a Wild Dog hunt from start to finish at Londolozi in 2014. Simon Smit was the ranger and his driving that day was amazingly proficient . The hunt appeared chaotic but in reality was anything but.
After around 18 safaris to Africa and one to India – it was one of the best game drives I had ever been on.
Testament to the quality of Londolozi was that looking back on all the game drives over twenty years three of the top 5 were at Londolozi

Judy Guffey

Callum and Freddy. What a team. We watched a wild dog takedown of an impala (cornered in the water) with that great team last November. Londolozi….where my heart is!

Dana Robinson

Loved watching Freddy and Callum, and Tally and Rich, work together. Their excitement at finding the unexpected is contagious. Just developed some pics from our recent trip. We experienced so many amazing things. We are all ready to visit again.

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