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on Lion Update: Continued Majingilane Surveillance

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Wow great blog! Is Hip Scar doing ok? He was in bad condition and I’m really worried about the boy. Thanks!

Mike C

Awesome post, thanks for the update Sean!

James Moodie

Updates show,,, The Matimba Males were in MalaMala and northern Sabi Sands in those fast 36 hours. They were involved in roaring contest with the Birmingham Males.

Thanks James.
WHereabouts on the property and how far from the Birmingham males were they?

Joe Smith

Nice Update. Matimbas are smart and strategic Males. Lets see what happens.

James Moodie

Not the exact details the guides have picked up. But intense roaring were heard in one of the nights, right on the northern boundary MalaMala boundary. Suspect is that it was the Matimba Males and Birmingham Males. It may make sense as the Birmingham Males are down to four now. Practically, the Matimba Males were viewed by guides only twice, first on April 25 and second on May 4.

Thanks very much

Who do you believe would come out on top if it came to 2 matimbas vs dark mane and scar nose

Very hard to say Cameron,
The Matimbas are certainly a little bit bigger, so in a two-on-two, it would be hard not to back them…

Murtaza S

Thanks Sean for the update! Were all four Majingilane there or only three? My feeling is, for better or worse, I’m expecting at least one or more serious fights in the next four months (May, June, July, August).


How many Matimba males are there in coalition? I guess only 2 from above blog. Were they 6 initially? I faintly remember reading somewhere. What happened to others. Can someone tell?

There were 6
3 are in timbavati or manyeleti
And not sure about other one

From what I’ve heard the other moved into the Kruger Park…

Why did they break up if you know?

Thanks for the great update Sean! I love hearing the updates on the different Lion coalitions and prides and my favourite is always the Majingilane — although I would never want to see any of them injured, or worse. I’m also hoping that the new cubs stay safe. Fantastic pictures as well!

This is one of the best blogs I have read. I seriously read it several times, it was just that good, imo. I love the Majings but it’s pretty comforting to hear that they left and went back West where they now belong.


Brilliant article! amazing that Majingilane coalition still in power, they surpass the expectation especially hipscar. My question is do other lion coalition stay together like Majingilane or the death of 5th majingilane make their bond stronger?

Craig Harrison

The Two Matimba Males were seen in Simbambili this morning.

Jack Wilshire

Hey James, surprisingly, the Matimba Males were seen in far north in Simbambili. I am thinking why are they this far north. Were they chased by Majingilanes?


Especially given that they have cubs to protect down south!!

Do you know why they broke up cause as six no one could touch them

Hi Cameron,
It’s hard to say for sure. The Mapogo did a similar thing by splitting up. I think it may have something to do with an oversharing of resources; too many males mating with females so no-one knows whose cubs are whose and in-fighting can develop. Big groups of males can be quite dysfunctional, killing each other’s cubs and not advancing the gene-pool of the group.
I’m sure its due to a combination of factors. It is rare for a big coalition to stay together indefinitely.


muchas gracias londolozi , por la informacion Saludos desde Argentina.

Perhaps the distant roars to the northeast the Majingis heard was that of the Marimba and Birmingham roaring contest as opposed to that of the tailless lioness.

Alejandro Mora

The Matimba Males have moved south according to Nkorho rangers report. They are coming to take on the Majingilanes.

Vinay Khandelwal

Matimbas will finish off majingilanes that will happen sooner or later


Just joined. Would like to know what happened to one Majings. Used to be 4 when they killed KT. I dont see them dethroned except by old age!!! Would be nice to have some comparative with Mapogos. I think Mantshingilanes are the roarest!

Hi Themba. We have reported a great deal on the lives of the Majingilane and their interactions with other coalitions on blog.londolozi.com. I’d encourage you to look through the archives or visit the Majingilane facebook page if you’re looking for more information on them. Thanks for your interest. Best regards, Amy


Have the majignlane male lions been killed.

No they are all still alive as far as I know.


Brilliant updates

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