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Andrea has an energy that is hard to match. It's difficult to find anything in the bush that she doesn't get excited about, whether it's the molluscs in the Sand River, setting up camera traps all over the show to try and capture ...

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on The Most Hardcore Animal in the Bush: The Female Leopard

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Marinda Drake

Wow! Incredible video of Nanga descending with her carcass. A real acrobat. Awesome video footage of the females fighting. Great blog.

S.w. Tsang

they are awful indeed. life definitely is hard on predators especially the big cats . besides being persecuted by ranchers, they are hunters’ most objects to kill !

Christa Blessing

Beautifully written.
I do enjoy all your blogs; they give so much information on all the animals of southern Africa. It is a little bit like visiting Londolozi.

Marc G

Again brilliant footage of one of the most beautiful and gracious creatures. Leopards never cease to amaze me. Thanks for sharing!

Wendy MacNicol

Lady leopards are indeed, incredible animals and so exquisitely beautiful! Their beauty is magnetic. I could watch them for hours. But then I could watch the behaviour of any bush animal for hours – large or small. Just the silence of the bush is soul fulfilling for me. As a pensioner I don’t know what I would do without your articles every morning with the accompanying photos! Thank you to all!

Brian C

I agree-female leopards rule! The more powerful lions and hyenas might object, but female leopards must accomplish everything on their own. Aside from incredible grace and beauty, they are great survivors. They are great mothers, even though cub mortality is high. This is nearly always due to predation by male leopards (not the father), hyenas and lions. It is not because of abandonment or lack of food. When their cubs are killed, the females cry and call for the cubs for a few days. Then they move on. They have to…they are amazing creatures!

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