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Nick joined the Londolozi team from Thornybush Game Reserve, and immediately began revealing his photographic potential, especially in the passion with which he pursued knowledge. An almost fanatical approach to improving his photography has seen him gain a rapid understanding of all the ...

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on The Week in Pictures #183

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Stunning pics Nick. Love the night photography. Sad to see the young Sparta males leave.

Hi Marinda thank you very much. It is sad to see them go but they may be back sooner than we think, who knows? 🙂

The Sparta boys are beautiful. I hope they’ll be safe on their own. The Tsalala boys have grown so much, they look huge now! All of the cats are magnificent and the photos you took are truly amazing.

Hi Loretta, thank you very much and glad you enjoyed the post. We are all holding thumbs for them and if they return in a couple of years I think that they will be a force to be reckoned with!!

Always excited to see young Mashaba. She is special because we saw her when she was a cub with her mama. So happy to see her grow up. Thank you for the blog.

Hi Arden its a pleasure. She is such a beautiful little girl and always brings a smile to everyones faces.

Jeff Rodgers

Great images. I would love to see the metadata for the night shots.

Hi Jeff. The best way to do it is to start off on manual with your ISO around 1600, F stop as low as you can go and shutter speed at 1/100. From there it obviously helps having a second vehicle to do lighting for each other and a bean bag to ensure no movement on the picture. From there depending on what you are looking for in a shot it is easy to slightly adjust those settings to get the image that you want.

As always, lovely photo captures. Thank you for the information on the Impala Lily. I didn’t know about them. Such a beautiful flower. Thank you for sharing every day.

Hi Diane they are really striking flowers at this time of the year! Pleasure and hope you enjoy the other posts!

Mike C

Sad to see the Sparta males leave. Curious why they moved North, doesnt seem any safer with the Matimba and Birmingham males up there.

Hi Mike, you are rite it doesn’t seem like a particularly safe place to move but then we have the Styx males, Fourways males and a new coalition of 2 males that have all been trying to squeeze into the south recently. A lot of pressure for any young males at the moment and very exciting times!!

Jill Grady

Incredible images Nick! I’m also sad to see the young Sparta males go but I want them to be safe….maybe they will return someday as the new strong coalition. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photographs!

Hi Jill, its a pleasure and thank you for the comments. We are all hoping for their safe return in the future but who knows perhaps they will become a dominant force and spread those powerful jeans elsewhere.

Senior Digital Ranger

I can see why you are becoming enamoured of the night photos. You do them rather well.

Hi MJ thank you very much, still got much more to learn with them but it is a lot of fun. Have you played round with any night shots?

Senior Digital Ranger

Beautiful pictures Nick! I love them all, but compliment you on the night shots, the Tsalala female almost looks transparent. Thank you & I wish you a wonderful weekend & week of more stunning pictures to make the day brighter for me 🙂

Wendy thank you for the kind words. Im sure the up coming week will provide some more opportunities for everyone to get some great shots. Have a good week and thanks again for the reply!

anyone could tell me what happen with the Sparta cub with big head

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