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Jill Grady

Thanks Mike, for the great blog and really great photos! We saw a few hyena when we were at Londolozi in Sept. and I was surprised to see how large they were. They were a little nervous of the Land Rover but I still managed to get some decent shots. Really interesting to watch as well.

Marinda Drake

Lovely hyena pics. So glad that they are denning at Londolozi again. Interesting animals.

Kate Collins
Guest contributor

It was incredibly special to see the hyena den and meet the young pups. I can’t wait to get another glimpse of them before they grow up!

Mike D

I was curious if the strong presence of so many large adult male coalitions was having an adverse effect on the hyena populations. It appears there used to be a vicious war between the lion prides and hyena clans with 3 lionesses being left tailless as a result which is quite amazing. There is no doubt the adult males despise the hyenas and will make every opportunity to kill them. It seems as long as there are so many adult males combing the area the hyena population will be kept in check. I am curious if the violent interactions between the two still exist or if all the lions are feeding in peace.

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