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Karine Gay

So glamour ….

Sam Senders

It’s always so nice to wake up every morning, see the latest Londolozi pictures and dream of our return. We’ll be back. We just need to let our new lion cub get a little bigger. All the best. -Sam

Geri Potter

Really gorgeous shots that remind me of all we experience there as well. In particular the shot of the Majingilane male sounding….OMW! The first time we heard them, it was late at night. My husband and I in one house, my children in another…and the males were calling to each other. They called for hours… The next night we found one, alone, ‘sleeping’, and as he awoke he stretched, and John said, ‘Now you’re in for a treat!’
The sound that animal made is something NONE of us will ever forget! It’s not a roar; it’s BIGGER, DEEPER, MORE! It reverberates into your chest and down to your toes and out…it shakes you like an earthquake. It’s like thunder and lightening all at once. It’s GORGEOUS and I love that sound! Thankfully we have a video of it…it doesn’t quite live up to the real thing, but at least it reminds us! Thanks for reminding us again! Great photos!!

Kobus Muller

Some real unique pictures.
I love the Lion jumping away from the female, some whitey comment to do with dancing comes to mind. Put it up on your facebook page and ask for a comment, i am sure people will have fun.


Such amazing photos! I can’t wait to make my trip to SA next year.. I hope to also experience the Roar that reaches your soul!
Thank you for sharing

Rich Laburn
Head of Digital

Another superb collection of images. Well done!

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