on Leopard Cubs – Trials and Tribulations

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Jacki Zehner

What a beautiful photo. Thank you for being the most incredible ranger for us. We enjoyed our time with you so much. To think just 36 hours ago we were with you following hyenas. Now we are almost back home in Park City, Utah. Hugs and Blessings. Jacki and Greg Zehner.

Jacki Zehner

Sorry I am just now seeing ALL the photos. I should have handed you my camera… Amazing.

John Wilson

Hi Mike, wow well written and amazing shots.

Hi Jacki! Thank you so much! What a wonderful time we spent together! The last photograph was taken on your first morning with them! I trust your travels are going well and a safe return home!
Warm Regards Mike


keeps getting better!!! well done mike suth…. you are so humble and it so evident in your photos! LOVE these photos of the leopard cubs, this is definitely a huge tick off your bucket list (and im sure there is plenty more to come)! well done!

Matt Sutherland

It just keeps getting better… Well done Suth!

Blake Balcomb

Hey Mike,

Nice pics and blog bro! Maybe for your next blog indicate the camera settings of each picture for the photographers out there 😉 Shot!

Keep up the good work,

Thanks Blake, I will certainly do that in all my future posts! I hope you are well! Mike


Wow what a great posting, you write with such sensitivity – also reflected in your photos. Here’s wishing you every happiness at Londolozi.

Beau Bethune

Spectacular post and photos!! Love the one of the mother and cub on the fallen tree.

Mothers rejoice in the beauty of the babies

Chris Anderson

Congrats, Mike. It was a treat being there.



nice job

Trevor Patrick

Hi Mike great photos thank you. Is the Tamboti female a daughter of the Maxibene female by any chance? It was just a thought as I see the one cub also has a pink nose like Maxibene’s one cub (not cub any longer eh!!!)
Best wishes to Everyone.

Hi Trevor,

wonderful to hear from you! The Tamboti female is actually the daughter of the Sunset Bend female but a good observation on the pink nose!

Hope you are well,


Trevor as an add-on to what Kate said, there is a chance that the Maxabene 3:2 male (now Tu-tones male) fathered the litter, as one of the cubs bears a striking resemblance to him!

James T

Lynn Rattray

These are incredible photos. Thanks so much for sharing!

Dane Squance

Congratulations Mike on some amazing pictures and such a well written and educational piece. It has been just over 12 months since I returned from a trip to South Africa and Botswana, and while we did manage to see some leopards, no cubs as young as the ones in the pictures – great work!!

Titch Burnill

Brilliant stuff Mikeness. What a treat for you and your guests !!

diane sutherland

Well done Mike ( thats my boy) for a well written and interesting blog on my favourite animals AND the cubs, Oh to see one of them,,,,,a definate for my bucket list… so proud of you, keep it coming lol

Hylton Appelbaum

Great pics Mike. I thought mine were good until I saw what really good ones look like 🙂
Thank you for a totally magical 5 days – you’ve left us with memories that will endure forever. Wonderful game viewing, great conversations and side-splitting laughs. You and Andrea made the ‘A Team.’
We can’t wait to get back.

Hylton! Thank you for your kind words! It was an absolute treat to have you all aboard for those amazing few days we spent together! I look forward to your return for some more great times! Please send my regards to Wendy.

Senior Digital Ranger

Congratulations Mike! These are all perfect I cannot say which is the best – any Leopard picture for me is stunning! Thanks for sharing your love with us

Fascinating blog and outstanding pictures as always Mike. Well done!! rich

JP Joubert

Michael Sutherland! This is an absolutely amazing blog post. My favorite so far since you joined the blogging team! Well done my boy!


Awesome post Suthers!
Some superb pics here!


Awesome blog Mike, some incredible images!
Pretty jealous….

Anil Bakshi

Hi. Mike

Wonderful pics and very informative contents on leopards and cubs.

Mike, do have any article/reference to the nurturing experience of leopardess around the interface of reserve and village nearby, and what typical behaviors cats exhibit at/around such a boundary.

I am particularly interested in as to what brings leopard/leopardess and sometimes adult cubs into human domains. Food or easy prey in the orm of livestock or dogs should not be the only criteria.

Pls. if you could provide some material or insight. Since, its an old post of yours, could you consider sending it to my email

Indebted, regards

Anil Bakshi (rain21.march@gmail.com)

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