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on The Rise of the Sunset Bend Lineage

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Paul Laing

Check the old Eco Guide (vol 2) from 2000. Grant Bodley wrote about the 2/2 female who was rarely seen as she spent most of her time on Mala Mala but was the sister of 3/4 female. In my years at Londolozi where we saw substantially more of her, she became known as the Sunset Bend Female. Also see the 2002 volume regarding the leopards by Greg Seymore and Warren Pearson. I was never aware that there was any doubt about her lineage.

James T

Hi Paul,
Thanks for your comments.
For us, it has always been accepted that the 2:2 female became Sunset Bend, but given the conjecture of neighbouring reserves, we felt we should clear it up a bit.

To be honest, the post should really be about the success Marthly male, who we believe has fathered the litters of Mashaba, Tutlwa and Vomba, as well as the Ximpalapala female of the north who still has 2 cubs surviving from a litter of 3.
The Camp Pan male by comparison, who the Marthly male ousted, has had no mating success that we are aware of since the Maxabene female gave birth to two young males in 2008, both of whom are still around today.


Xidulu/Kikilezi also has a daughter, about three years old, who was the star of a spectacular impala hunt that went viral on youtube a few months ago. She’s one to watch!

Shardool Kulkarni

Wasn’t the River female lineage (maxabeni, mangeni) part of the mother leopard lineage?

Brian C

Question: Was Sunset Bend the litter mate of the 3:4 female? Or was she a younger sister? It is amazing (but very believable) that both are granddaughters of the original Mother leopard.
Xidulu is raising a 10 month old male cub to the east. He is believed to be the son of the Dudley Riverbank 5:5 male. In addition, the independent daughter, mentioned by Danny, still resides in her mother’s eastern territory. This entertaining young leopardess is driving Xidulu crazy and may get evicted soon. Perhaps she will seek territory in Londolozi over the next few months.
Campbell Koppies has another surviving daughter from 2004 litter. Both daughters have territories adjacent to hers, I think, further north and east of Londolozi.
The Marthly male may be the most successful male reproducing with the Sunset Bend daughters and grandaughters. However, Camp Pan is still the father of Mashaba female. And she seems like a force to be reckoned with!

Kate Neill
Guest contributor

Hi Brian,

Thank you for the interesting facts about the leopards in the area, lets hope some take up territory in Londolozi, always great to see new faces! With regards to your question, there are many views on whether the Sunset Bende 2:2 leopard was a littler mate of 3:4. There was a leopard in 3:4’s litter that had a 2:2 spot pattern as far as I know, and there are many that believe that this was Sunset Bend due to the fact that she was a similar age and held similar territory. There are differing views on this depending on who you are talking to.
Thank you for your support on the blog!


Thank you for this wonderful post. What an amazing lineage. I hope they are decendents of the Mother leopard, but even if they weren’t they are magnificent!

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