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Mashaba 3:3 Female

Mashaba 3:3 Female

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on Marula Tree Feast and the Legendary Mashaba Female- Virtual Safari #221

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Great video today Sean, I enjoyed watching the elephant bull and the marula tree encounter.

Thanks so much, William. It was great to see the elephant feasting away on the marula tree.

Knowing how eco conscious Londolozi folks are, is there anything you’re doing to preserve or reforest Amarula trees? And are the trees along Chicken Wire Way an attempt to protect tree bark from elephants?

We are attempting a couple of different strategies, wrapping a handful of trees with wire to deter the elephants from stripping the bark, and stacking rocks around the base of another few trees so the elephants find it less comfortable to get to the trunk of the tree.

Hi, thank you for this so entertaining video! The elephant feast is really good and funny to watch, I had to smile at the elephants rolling in the grass and mud, they are therapeutic very relaxing and I love when I see them having fun and being fine. The Mashaba female is incredible, she sports a muscular structure that’s impressive, she looks very agile and strong, just her muzzle is an indicator of her older age. But for now we are thrilled to see her, I know that animals can be in their prime one day an a month later have a sudden decay, hopefully she’ll be the queen for a long time!

I love spending time with elephants as there is always something going on with them. Yes, her face is the only real indicator of her age.

Sean, Your explanation of the Elephants eating habits is super helpful. The video and closeup of the Elephant peeling the bark off the branch was wonderful – it’s amazing how intricate their process is! The icing on the cake was the sighting of our Mashaba! So great to see her in action!

It is great to see the elephants in action as they feed on the bark. It was great to see the Mashaba Female.

Hi Sean, it is so fantastic to see the Mashaba female again. She is still my favorite female leopard, at 16 years she is still looking good for her age. Yes we never know when we will see her again, seeing her is precious. My goodness that elephant bull is having a feast on the marula tree. It is a pity that they strip it so that the tree eventually dies. The few having a mud bath seems to be enjoying themselves tremendously.

It is fantastic to see the Mashaba Female again. She is looking in good condition.

It is always fun to watch elephants go about their day. I particularly enjoyed the close angle you chose to focus on this elephant’s utilization of his trunk, manipulating the piece of bark in order to reach the cambium layer and his feet to break the branches apart. In your zooming of his trunk, one can see how those thousands of muscles work together to accomplish the task at hand. However, the best part of this elephant video was watching some of the female elephant’s herd all trying to squeeze into that small mud hole – so funny to watch the pushing and shoving by the smaller ones.
It was also fantastic to see Mashaba looking so healthy, perhaps due to her moving her territory southwards in order to stay under the radar of younger territorial leopards. If she could fall pregnant and raise another cub to adulthood , that would be amazing, but even if she doesn’t, her daughters and their offspring will certainly carry on the Sunset Bend legacy.

It was the perfect opportunity for me to zoom in on his trunk. Getting some lovely detailed shots. It was also rather hilarious with all of the elephants trying to squash into that waterhole.

Fantastic video, Sean, showing how diligently the elephant is getting the bark off that branch. One can really see all the details, the muscles of the elephant’s trunk.
Great fun with those youngsters playing around in the mud.
And good to get this update on the Mashaba female that she is still alive and in such good condition for her age. A lovely leopard, whom I have seen a few times.

It was a great opportunity for me to bring out the 600mm lens and get in close to focus on all the details. It is always so exciting to see the Mashaba Female.

Interesting that by killing the marula trees to enjoy their bark, the ellies will miss out on eating their favourite fruit.
Great to see Mashaba again, she still looks quite healthy.

I know, if only they knew what they were doing. But I guess they are living purely in the moment.
The Mashaba Female does still look great.

Sean, that was such a cool angle of the elephant feasting on the marula tree, particularly the when he was eating the inner bark layer! By shooting it that way slightly from behind, it gave a strange impression that the elephant’s trunk was an all together other animal, moving independently in support of feeding the bull. Crazy and cool! Also great to see the Mashaba female, and hopefully, not for the last time!

Thanks so much, Paul. It was a really cool angle and something a little different. I hope also not for the last time.

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