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on The Lions of Londolozi: The Apple iBook is launched

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Well done Ad,

This is a phenomenal and definitive piece on the Tsalala pride. I know this has taken you hours and hours of hard work and you can be really proud! Simon has done a great job of laying it out for you. I learned a great deal from reading the Lions of Londolozi and I think you are one of the privileged few who have been able to monitor the dynamics of a single pride so closely and over such a period of time. I look forward to part 2!

Thanks so much for the support James. It has been a wonderful adventure!


So cool Adam! I wish you the best of luck with this!

Thank you Emma


Adam, I was so excited to see this on the blog last week. It is wonderful – full of drama, fascinating stories and wonderful photography. I loved your stories about the Tsalala pride when we visited in August, and I’m so glad that I got to read and see more. Congratulations!

I have been going through our photos recently, deciding which to print, and I want to thank you again for showing us so much.

It is an absolute pleasure. I hope you enjoy the book


Oh ADAM I can hardly wait to have your book in my new special i Pad. I just love the way you describe
the most beautiful animals of Londolozi. Merry Christmas and A Very Happy New Year from Elisabeth Douglas in a white and snowy Sweden.

Oh Elisabeth that is so very kind of you. Thank you so much. I missed you on the last trip, but had so much fun with your son. Enjoy the christmas and stay safe. lots of love- adam



This book is a work of 21st century art! the best of digital book-I’ve seen. Happy and healthy to you and all the wonderful folks at Londolozi. We can’t wait to come back.
debby & howard

Debby your words are very kind. I must admit that the technology of the iPad was used so well to capture and convey the full story of the lions.


Hi Adam What a great book. I love everything about it. The photos and videos are wonderful and the story of the pride is enthralling. It brings back happy memories of Londolozi.
And great to work with Simon too.
You must be so proud. Love Beryl


Well done, Adam! This will be on a couple of Smith iPads on Christmas morning!


Is there any way to get the book without an ipad?

Hi Amy, unfortunately not at the moment. As other digital operating systems such as Android provide matching software, we will release this book on those platforms as well. Thank you for your interest. rich


JUST to say thank you for your beautiful work.
I have already BOUGHT the iBook and it is just a very well done book.

Is there any way of finding who was lion whose skull is shown? Did he have snapped upper right canine? And was the date when skull was found post July 2010?

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