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on When an Elephant dies…

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Rich – did you ever see a similar film made for television by Simon Watt called The Elephant – Life after Death, which recorded over days all the animals and insects large and small who consumed the carcass
of an elephant, again not for the faint hearted, but another great example of the circle of life – if I remember correctly they did not get Lions feeding on the carcass as the local pride had a fresh kill to satisfy their needs. The film crew did suffer from the pungent smell.
At Londolozi were the bones eventually moved or visited by members of the herd?

Hi Sheena, no I haven’t. Must be very interesting to watch given what the above video shows. I have often wondered if lions have a certain threshold which determines the point at which they can no longer stomach carrion. Any ideas?

The bones of this carcass were left for the natural process to take place.


Very well put together. Yes it’s sad when we lose any creature, but if we look at it as you’ve said, we can find peace.
thank you…well done.


Adam, thanks for this. I haven’t yet watched the video…I have to work up to it.
I have seen the picture of the ele’s eye and beautiful eyelashes before..in another of your posts?
I simply adore that photo.
Much love to everyone there


Fantastic footage Rich and Adam! That was quite a sighting for that group of safari-goers! The circle of life is truly extraordinary!! See you in July!!!


Phenomenally sad


What is the name of the moth larva that nests in the leathery “hide” of the foot? This is a wonderful post, definitely worth the repeat. I love this:

In life there are options, possibilities and an ever shifting tide of change. In death there is finality and the tangible gift back to the earth.

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