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David left the bright lights of Johannesburg and a promising career as a chartered accountant to join the Londolozi Ranging team in 2009. After three years spent as a guide, during which he built up a formidable reputation as one of Londolozi's top ...

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on The Leopards of Londolozi # 14

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Nick Brandt

Veld is looking so green.


David, your first photo of the Vomba Young female in the tree is absolutely EXQUISITE – what a look….!


Thank you David, I really enjoyed it all.

Patsy Weingart

Hi David,

Can you guides give us some info on the camera, lens and photo editing program that each of you use? That would be interesting. Thank you, Patsy

Geri Potter

Thanks for keeping track of the other MAJOR cats at Londolozi. Lovely to see they are doing well and managing to stay out of harms way. Cat/hyena/wild dog/buffalo dynamics are so interesting…I think we (the vast majority of non-S. Africans) always assume the predators have the upper hand and always win. This blog is so important showing the constant struggle of ALL these wild beings to maintain a balance.

Thanks for keeping us (novices) aware of all of it!
Any new baby leopards roaming the area?

Verney Moyo

The pics are incredible; my favorites are the ones with Tamboti female on the termite mound and that infamous londolozi giant: Camp Pan male descending the tree…wonderfully dramatic lighting!!!!!!how old is Tamboti Female,…do you share her territory with Mala Mala as well or is she another female altogether…? thanks for the great pics….

James T

Great shots bud. Love the one of VYF looking down with the Koppie in the background!

Penny Parker

Some absolutely beautiful shots. Camp Pan is looking very strong. Also love the VYF shots 🙂

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