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Vomba 3:2 Female

Vomba 3:2 Female

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on Hunting Antelope with the Vomba Female

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Andrew Hall

Great action shots, with the claws and the lighting, but I appreciate your knowledge of the bush to read into the situation and be well positioned to take in all of the action. I have a similar scene with leopard and impala in the KNP, not the great shots like yours but they capture the relaxed impala and the leopard doing leopard crawl. The impala spooked and the leopard was out of the bag! Check it out on I look forward to visiting Londo’s soon, maybe some transfer business??

David Dampier

Awesome footage guys. Makes you realise how fast impala actually are and how difficult they are to catch!

Gail Woloz

I have watched leopards & lions prey on the beautiful impala; I have seen an impala lieing breathless in a tree with a leopard skillfully positioned next to her, but have yet to actually witness the kill. That is the one thing I fear seeing although I realize it is the “Circle of Life”. Just love following your blogs daily!

Hi Gail, it is unique experience which evokes different emotions in different people. Although not for everyone, if you can take a step backwards and adopt the role of an observer of the natural systems, it makes it much easier to appreciate. Thanks as always for being one of our regular readers. Look forward to seeing more of your comments. Rich

Penny Parker

Rich your comment is so true, as are the captions to the pics. Nature is a brutal but beautiful and fascinating beast. I always tell myself (although never witnessed a kill either Gail) that the beautiful leopard or lion would go hungry and potentially meet its fate if it weren’t for that meal.
Amazing blog. as ever.

Thanks for your thoughts Penny, what you have said is true – nature is a system that works in and around itself. Everything has its beginning and its end regardless of where it falls on the trophic pyramid.

“…body positioned low to the ground….” fantastic shot!

To me this image epitomises the true spirit of a leopard – It is unable to ignore its feline tendencies when seeing opportunity. From secretly watching the impala to deciding on the hunt was a split second decision in which her body stiffened and adopted this split second pose before beginning her charge forward. Great shot Adam!


great article, I really like the photos. great work.

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