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on Improve Your Pictures with these Easy Photoshop Tips

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Nice Senor!! very Nice!!


Than you very much for taking the time to show us these tips it is very helpful.
Its amazing just how you brought the picture to life.
I’m very grateful Thank You .

Pleasure Trisha, I hope that you are able to gain some value from the tips and apply it to your own pictures. Enjoy and thanks for commenting. Rich


Hi Rich,

Thanks for the great tips – I follow pretty much the same process, although the Unsharp mask settings are really helpful. And I haven’t really worked with vibrancy before. Love the tips for dodge and burn and blur – it really helps if you can’t afford a lense with a big enough aperture to really reduce the depth of field. Love how you’ve brightened up his eyes with the dodge/burn.

What I also find helpful is to adjust curves and play with the black curve which helps to add depth and definition. I also play with brightness and exposure if the setting allows.

Laura, I agree with you on the curves as I also use that tool to adjust the image to how I want it to look. I find that using the curves correctly can really enhance the black lines in the photograph and give it a much crisper look almost immediately. Glad that you like the dodge and burn tool, you’ll be amazed at its versatility.
Thanks for your thoughts. Rich

Love the tips….but alas…Photshop and I seem to be incompatible. Never can get done what I’m trying to do…will keep practising (I even took a class in using it…to no avail.)

Judy, I believe that Photoshop can be an incredibly daunting program to use so what I suggest is just playing around with a few of these techniques to start with and gaining confidence with them. Naturally you will start to explore a bit more and the program will begin to unfold for you. Good Luck!! Rich


I love wildlife photography! Thanks for sharing your knowledge in this concept. The editing is superb!


Very useful tips, will try them out on some of my photos. Thanks!


These Photoshop tips are amazing. Taking wild life Photographs is hard. You can not get a same pose of animals that easily. Cause of that, you may not get desired photo. In this article, the author has given many valid points to improve the wildlife photography. These tips are really amazing.

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