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on Just how exactly does a Giraffe Mate?

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Never seen giraffe mating but saw one being born, once upon a time – a long, long time ago – in the KNP

That must have been an extraordinary experience in itself to witness. Did you manage to see it standing after it was born? Rich


Monique, wow that is amazing! If only – must be one fo the most spectacular and rare sightings. Seen a Zebra give birth, but the drop is a lot less daunting than the one a baby giraffe experiences. haha!

I know what you mean, its quite a rude start to life for those little giraffes. Thanks for your comments Penny.


Just ever saw young baby giraffes be born on TV. I’m still puzzeled how many lions can get an adult giraffe down? Maybe over five?

It will depend on the size of the giraffe and the strength of the lions. I would suggest that about three lions would be capable of bringing a giraffe down. All they need to do is trip it up.

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