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on Hydropumps – The Next Big Thing?

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AWESOME! one more step towards saving our beautiful environment. Lets hold thumbs that this hydropump is a huge alternative energy source. Londolozi will be the true innovator 🙂 🙂

Thanks Penny, it is great to be able to at the forefront of sustainable development in the eco-tourism industry, however it is also an enormous challenge at the same time. We are constantly making mistakes and working through challenges as we try to develop new solutions to old problems. If you come across any interesting articles on hydropumps, please feel free to post them in the comments section.

Heard about play-made-energy at the weekend for the first time. What a fantastic idea! http://www.playmadeenergy.com

This is such a fantastic idea Nix! I remember seeing a similar concept in a South African advert whereby they had taken a spinning carousel for kids and converted the energy used by children to power it into electricity. My mind is already spinning at what you could use in the bush as well as the surrounding communities to your advantage. I know that this type of idea would be brilliant for the rural schools who work with the Good Work Foundation. Thanks again and if you come across any other links, just post them on the wall.

Hey Rich, Just found another source of info that might be of interest to the team http://www.onedifference.org/projects/water One Water have been using their profits to finance pumps for wells that are powered by play- again another fab idea that seems to work.

That is an amazing idea, thanks for the Link Nix, much appreciated.

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