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on Lion Warfare – An Update Part 3

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Thank you so much for the updates.
Your reports are very interresting.
I really want to come and see Mapogo lions now.

Thanks for the updates Adam. Hate to hear about old Sparta Lioness, hope she makes a come back.

Thanxs for your updates


There have been reports that the 5 Mapogos had gone East and a lot of Roaring and Fighting had been heard on 8 July Night and Today morning Mr T had returned West only with Two other Mapogos, So that means only 3 Mapogos have returned West can you please provide any information as to what happened in the fight and why not all 5 Mapogos had returned West and are those 2 missing Mapogos Okay ??????

thank you so much 4 your time you put in 4 the information you give us thank you

It’s a great pleasure Lorenzo, I am glad that you are enjoying the blog posts and finding them interesting. We will definitely keep them coming.



THANKS so much to all of you (but particuarly Adam, Solly, Rex, Life, Tyrone and the Varity Camp family) at Londolozi for simply THE BEST holiday OF MY LIFE!!! We were luckily enough to be enjoying your hospitality during the time in July when the five Mapogo Males were also visiting your beautiful property. WOW!!! What an awesome experience. I thought that was the highlight – but then every moment delivered some differenet – leopards, elephants, giraffes, buffalos, rhinos, crocodiles, zebras, hippos and the list goes on, and on and on!!!
It only took me a moment to fall in love with Londolozi – but it will take a life time to forget! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Hey Jacqueline, thanks for the comment and such great feedback. It is always brilliant to hear that you had the best holiday of your life. We would have it no other way!
I am also glad that you got to see all five Mapogo Males together, they are an awesome pride of males to be able to see together and experience. From the sounds of it, you got to see a host of other animals as well which is fantastic.

If you find yourself forgetting about us at all, just log onto the blog and hopefully you’ll remember what you’re missing. Thanks again for the comment and come back soon!!!!



Today they found one of the majingalane males eating the remain of a lion ( sex unknown ) @ the djuma but the Styx pride was near there last night

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