The Emsagwen 6:4 Male Leopard

by on July 25, 2011

in Leopards, Wildlife

There is a battle brewing in the northern parts of Londolozi. The Emsagwen 6:4 Male Leopard is starting to extend his boundaries westwards into Marthly reaching out into the heart of the Marthly Male. We watch with interest as to whether anything will develop between these two brutes of the leopard world…

I personally have only ever seen the Emsagwen Male once but it was enough to make me realize that this was a very large individual who would be capable of taking on anything the Marthly Male could throw at him. Born in March 2003, Emsagwen is right in his prime. His coat is magnificent and his shoulders sit high and strong. Crafted muscles shape his body and pads the size of a lioness silently sneak around the riverbed of the Manyaleti.

I have heard that he is considered to hold the largest territory of any male leopard in the Sabi Sands at the moment! Perhaps this is why we see him so infrequently. His boundaries need to be patrolled and his females covered.

The Emasgwen 6:4 Male Leopard by Rich Laburn

The Emasgwen 6:4 Male Leopard by Rich Laburn

I would love to see more of this gorgeous male but I know that along with these sightings will come drama. But is drama a good thing?

Leave your thoughts in the comments section below…

Written by Adam Bannister
Photographed and filmed by Rich Laburn

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  • Penny Parker

    Being that he already dominates the largest territory in the Sabi Sands, lets hope he leaves the Marthly Male to his territory – a battle between these two could end in tragedy – But a gorgeous specimen he is indeed. Lovely pic of him by Rich “shading” :) (haha) by the guarri.

  • 1977marc

    The Emsagwen male had a big fight with Shorty ( bicycle crossing male) in 201 0.

    This male is huge, large body not as heavily build as Camp Pan I guess?
    What do you guys what this boy wil weigh?

  • Alessio

    The problem is that tyson looks fighter like perhaps no other, but emsagwen is huge and especially younger, Tyson began to enter the border between the peak age and old age.
    The leopards are known not only for their immense power but also for their intelligence, so if Emsagwen is in this area there is a reason that prompted him to enter..

  • Yanga

    @1977marc That is a vicious fight who won??Everything is such a blur cant even tell which one is Emsagweni, but both Leopards seem really skilled and aggresive. LOL hyenas can be hilarious.

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  • Francis

    is he still alive? he hasn’t been seen for almost 4 months now.

    • Adam Bannister

      Hi Francis…i fear the worst for Emsagwen as you are right he has not been seen in a long time now. But time and time again we get surprised by the resilience of these animals so for the time being I would be cautious to right him off as dead.

  • 1977marc

    ow noww!!!

    All the reserves I checked did not see him

    What could have happened?
    This guy was so dominating ,The biggest leopard of the Sabi Sands….

    • rich

      It is anyone’s guess Marc. He has not been seen around Londolozi for quite some time. Very sad considering what an impressive specimen he is. He might have got into a battle with another male for territory. Alternatively he might have been pushed east into the Kruger National Park. We will keep you informed should a sighting of him arise here. Rich