Learners at Sam NzimeTowards the end of last year, the Good Work Foundation received a large donation of stationery and other accessories for children to use whilst at school.  This generous donation was made, in particular, to the Sam Nzime and Babati Primary schools in Mpumalanga.

young learner with new stationeryThe Sam Nzime and Babati Primary school are two out of five ‘pillars of hope’ that the Good Work Foundation is supporting in the areas surrounding Londolozi Game Reserve.  With the help of Londolozi guests and other supporters, these ‘pillars of hope’ are now actively providing a focus on early childhood development as well as digital, english and environmental literacy in the surrounding communities.

Kate Groch, CEO of the Good Work Foundation, delivered the stationery to the two schools recently and was met with wonderful excitement from the young children.  Each learner was able to receive pencils, books, rulers and files to enable them to learn more effectively.

young learner with new stationeryAs Kate said: “It is fantastic to see a school year begin with abundance.  With this support each student has enough stationery to get started and to be able to learn a little bit easier.”

The children at both schools wrote a combined letter of thanks below:

Thank You for our Stationery
Today is different from usual beginnings of years.
We all have pens, pencils and books to work in.
A big truck brought all the boxes to our school Last year in November.
Our teachers told us it was full of things for us to use at school.
We were very excited and could not wait to see what was inside the boxes
When we got back to school.
We could start working the day we got back.
We all had pencils and the older classes had pens We also had rulers and
staplers and notebooks.
What a great start to 2010. Thank you so much

All the learners at Sam Nzime and Babati Primary schools in Mpumalanga

Sam Nzime Learners with new stationery
Written by: The Learners of Sam Nzime and Rich Laburn
Photographed by: Kate Groch

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