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on The Return of the Hyena Clan Den

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Yes indeed! Hyenas are such intriguing animals, both from an evolutionary (phylogenetic) point of view and a behavioural one. The Hyenidae are closer to the Viverridae, in spite of that people often think they belong to Canidae family. They are actually closer to a genet than to a wild dog or an African wolf or jackals or foxes. When looking at the pictures of the cubs, I see a strong resemblance to the wolverine, that lives in Northern Europe and United States. Have you ever “met” a den of Striped hyenas or a Brown Hyena or Aardwolves? The latter are my favourite. Their social structure is unique, and so very peculiar. The mother hyena is the head of the clan and the biggest one. She often set up the hunt. But you will surely find and observe much more information about it being close! After leopards, Londolozi may become an expert site for impala, hyenas and many more other animals…

yeah! cutest pics! can’t wait for more! hyenas are fascinating!

Senior Digital Ranger

What wonderful pictues of the cubs!

Thanks, Patrick, for this update on the hyenas and their den. I will certainly want to have a good look at them in September, if they will still be around by then. Though they are not really beautiful animals, the young ones are really cute and all of them are really fascinating and interesting to watch.

Hi Patrick, this is fantastic that there are two litters of hyenas on Londolozi ground. They definitely are an asset to Londolozi. I personally don’t like the hyenas, because they just about always steal hard earned kills from other predators. Then they still call their other members to come help with the raid. Their pups look just like small dog pups. They do look after their pups very well, keeping them warm and protected for a long time before they can come out of the den.

Great Shots, Patrick! The youngest hyenas are so inquisitive as well, not fearing to come close to the vehicles are they begin to explore their surroundings more. Really cuties, too!

Thank you Patrick for the update on the hyenas.

Fantastic images shown here Patrick. The little ones are so spunky and cute during their early months. Fingers crossed they’ll still be in that den early October, or at least in the area.

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