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Growing up in the small coastal town of Mtunzini afforded Matt a childhood of endless adventures and the freedom to explore the rich diversity of animal and plant life in the area. He thus developed his passion for wildlife at a young age. ...

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on The Week in Pictures #655

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Thank you Matt , what a wonderful TWIP and all those gorgeous cubs….! It’s really difficult to pick just 1, but if pushed I’ll go for Nkoveni walking along the path with her male cub bouncing along beside her with his tail aloft.
Please tell me Nkoveni and 3 Rivers territories are not still overlapping? – after that dramatic fight they had where 3 Rivers killed Nkoveni’s cubs it would be dreadful if it happened again. With 3 Rivers having her own cub, would that make her even more aggressively territorial, do you think? Or maybe she’d be more cautious

Matt, It’s a Leopard cub “spectacular”! Thanks for sharing a fantastic set of images. We especially like the last one of Nkoveni’s cubs at playtime!

Matt: As I’m not at all a buffalo admirer, it’s surprising that one of my two favorite photos is the muddied fellow. And no surprise: favorite #2 is the southern ground hornbill, one of my top three birds.

wonderful series of photos. I personally favor the Three Rivers Female with her cub playing together. What a thrill to see so many young cats in one week

Master Tracker

Some splendid photos, the Nkoveni Female and cub is my favourite of this week’s crop of wonderment

Hard to pick a favorite, Matt! But the cub of the Three Rivers female, poking her head out of the hidey-hole in the tree, elicited an immediate awww from me!

Well Matt, I think the cubs took center stage this week as evidenced by your terrific images. In viewing Nkoveni’s cubs, the male certainly looks larger than his sister as well as their faces seem to relay their sexes. They both look to be strong and growing up quickly. Three Rivers little cub appeared to be waking up in your photo, having found a cozy place to sleep, tucked away from danger. If I had to choose a favorite image this week, it’s a tossup between the snuggle of the Three Rivers cub with mom or Nkoveni’s duo cuddled together in the chill of the morning. Great choices Matt.

Hi Matt, as soon I saw the Grounded Hornbill I knew the wip was going to be super. It’s striking indeed! But as always my eyes stop on cubs, especially leopard cubs, you took exceptionally well done pictures of them! The Nkoveni ‘s have her lovely eye shape, so romantic. The girl is definitely a poser, they made me smile when playing together! The Three Rivers female ‘s cub peeping out half asleep made my day, she’s incredibly cute! And again her with her mum, that image is heart-melting! I can’t think of a more tender and unique time. All nice, the beautiful kudu, lion Kings and Kings to be and the buffalo, birds are all special views, I love the Barn Owl female which is found in Europe too….

Wonderful pictures this week Matt. My favorite is the two cubs huddled together in the cold waiting for the Nkoveni female to return.

Ciao Matt, what an impressive TWIP with beautiful shots of the cubs-fantastic.

Hi Matt, your photo choices for this week is awesome. My favorite would be the Nkoveni female cubs playing with each other. They are so precious. I also loved the Three Rivers female’s cub peeping out of the tree whole.

Matt, they are all great photographs. Well done.

I adore your photos, Matt. They are truly wonderful. I cannot get enough of those leopard cubs; they are just so cute. But also the elephants in the river, the birds and the lovely morning light in some of the pictures (the kudu, the lions etc) are really special. Thanks for another great week of photos.

Fabulous photos, Matt! It’s good to see the Nkoveni cubs doing so well – and they have sure grown since we saw them in early May.

Senior Digital Ranger

What a special TWIP, thank you Matt. Truly spectacular photos and impossible to choose a favourite. The little leopard cubs are so cute. The Nkoveni duo are particularly special with us having spent time with them recently. So blessed to share in these magnificent sightings with you.

Great group of photos Matt! Catching light in the subjects eyes really enhances the some of these pics.
My favorites are the buffalo, sleepy cub and the hornbill. 🙏🏻📸🤩

Not only great week of pics but looks like also great week of weather!

Thanks Matt (Becks)- favs are sunrise, Kambula pride in morning light and of course the cubbie squished in the tree——how adorable 🥰

The Three Rivers cub nipping mom’s ear did it for me this week. You captured so many sweet moments. The kudu bull was also very impressive.

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