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Plaque Rock 3:3 Female

Plaque Rock 3:3 Female

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on We Found The Plaque Rock Female’s Den- Virtual Safari #222

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What an elation this video! Pure joy and cuteness, nothing is as sweet as a baby leopard with mum and in the golden light they are pure magic. The beauty of the Plaque Rock female more than remarkable! So interesting the fact that elephants got curious. They have plenty to eat there. Do you know who is the father of this little bundle of sweetness? Thank you for this moments of happiness

It really was such a fantastic morning with this playful mother and her bundle of joy. The father is likely to be the Maxim’s Male.

Such a lovely video. Sean. Beautiful mother and cub. The mother seems to be very playful.
It certainly is a bit scary for the leopards to have so many elephants so close around them, isn’t it?
Would they kill the cub if they found it?

She was in a very playful mood indeed. I think the elephants would probably kill the cub if they came across it.

Hi Sean, this is the best news I have heard today. The Plague rock female was really interacting with her club in such a beautiful manner. Playing and stalking the little bundle of fur was such a treat. So precious to see them playing.

It was such an amazing sighting of the two playing around and having such fun.

Fantastic video Sean, thank you for sharing.

Thanks for watching.

How wonderful it was to open the Virtual Safari this morning and find this amazing glimpse into a morning with Plaque Rock female and her bitsy, fluffy cub. In all the videos I’ve seen from Londolozi, I don’t recall ever seeing a mother leopard engaged in such play with their new cubs. To watch her stalk, jump, hide, tackle was pure joy to watch. I hope you all have many more sightings with them as the winter chill turns into the milder spring and on…..

She really was in such a playful mood and it was so entertaining to watch. Probably the most exaggerated and animated that I have seen a mother leopard be in a long time.

That is the most playful I’ve ever seen a mom with such a young cub! Is it because mom is on the younger side? Or maybe because there’s just one cub she needs to be mom and playmate? The close up of mom and cub is just too precious 😍

Senior Digital Ranger

How beautiful and amazing to watch this interaction. Thank you for sharing this.

Thank you Sean, that was absolutely gorgeous. One of my favourite sightings was of Plaque Rock when she was about 6 months old and playing with her mother Nkoveni – they chased one another around a dead tree that had fallen over and made a perfect climbing frame. It was totally joyous.

It is always such fun watching a mother and her cubs play.

What an amazing sighting. Mom was having so much fun. Cub is so stinking cute. Thank you for sharing this with us 💜🐆💜🐆

The cub really is so cute and it was such an amazing sighting.

Loved the detail from the 600mm lens. I was surprised how playful she was with such a young cub, but I guess if there isn’t a sibling for it to get into trouble with, Mom has to step in. It was sweet to watch them. Wishing her success this time around!

Yes, that is spot on. If there is a sibling then the cubs will often play together, but when there is only one cub then we tend to see that the mother is a lot more playful with the cub. This is all vital for the development of the necessary skills for later on in life.

What a wonderful session-Plaque Rock is on fire. She is my absolute favorite leopard, saw her with a few month with her mother Nkoveni on Plaque rock. In that very special moment i know, she will be very special, and yes , she is. Thank you for that great video

I am so so devastated by her death and the cubbie too……what a horrendous thing to wake up to hearing this morning. We saw her in Aug 2019 in an interaction with Kunyuma/Senegal Bush male when she was a youngster…..what a beautiful cat and a terrible loss.

What a beautiful and heart rendering video of the Plaque Rock Female and her cub Sean!

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