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on Has The Ximungwe Female Lost A Cub?

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Senior Digital Ranger

i hope these two cubs will be safe and grow to be strong.

We hope so too.

I look back and forth at the pictures, how beautiful these two are and the cub in particular ha a peculiar look, like the past Ntomi cub, something serious and super cute. I do hope the other cub will show up. I read so much about hyenas and wrote about their interesting familiar behaviour. But they aren’t as smart as some researchers claim, more leopards mean more carcasses to eat… if they kill so many cubs leopards will lessen in numbers…

They really were such gorgeous little cubs.

Very special mother and cubs photos! Fingers crossed that the second cub is found soon!

Fingers crossed but sadly it is not looking too hopeful.

Fingers crossed!!!

🤞🏻. We hope it is still alive, but sadly it isn’t looking too promising.

Of course, there is a lot of risk involved in bringing up cubs, nature can be really cruel and there are so many dangers around for such a little animal. Still, I do hope that both cubs are still alive and Fien. It is so sad that so many cubs are killed so early in life,

Nature can indeed be so cruel. It really is a tough life for a mother leopard.

Well, we know the odds aren’t in favor for leopards to raise their cubs, and any success story is a win for these amazing big cats. At the time of your viewing, perhaps the second one was resting elsewhere, or up a tree as mentioned in a previous post. Fingers crossed she still has two but, if not, that she can raise the one pictured. By the way, any updates on Nkuwa and her cubs, if they survived?

The odds are not in the favour of the leopards, the mothers have such a difficult time raising their cubs and keeping them safe.

Paws crossed it will turn up – but if not, hopefully she’ll bring the remaining cub to independence as she has done with her last 2 litters. Do you know if the cub you saw is male or female?

Hopefully she has some better luck in the future. I think the one that went missing was the female but I am not one hundred percent sure on that.

Oh no Sean, that is very sad news about this cub that is no where to be seen. I was hoping that she would be able to raise both of the cubs to adulthood. But as you say, it is very difficult for leopard cubs to get to adulthood, being surrounded by predators and even other male leopards, who kill them. So sad to hear this news. Let’s hope the other cub was just lying low and did not want to come out while being watched.

It is very sad news.

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