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Ximungwe 5:3 Female

Ximungwe 5:3 Female

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on The Ximungwe Female Leopard Leads Her Two Cubs to a Carcass for the First Time- Virtual Safari #208

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Nice video Sean. Interesting to see the cubs as they get their first taste of meat.

Fabulous – thank you Sean, and of course many thanks to Ximungwe too!
I haven’t heard anything about Plaque Rock’s cubs for a long time, so am assuming the worst? Has she been seen at all on her own?

Happy World Wildlife Day! They’re an excellent symbol for it, the beautiful Ximungwe female and her two tiny hopes for the future of leopards, keeping the Sunsetbend lineage going and the species thriving. I found out where the Ndzanzeni female is. I hoped she has cubs to continue the Mother Leopard lineage, but couldn’t find any information about. Hopefully she will visit Londolozi again. Fantastic Sunday with these cubs!

A day in the life of a young mother……..exhausting. And that’s just the start…….

Hi Sean, the cubs are so small and absolutely gorgeous. So excited to see them and she is an exceptional mother. Hopefully shortly we will see them eating from the carcass. I can see it was a scorging day, and I appreciate you going out in the heat to take this footage.

So wonderful, Sean, to see these cute cubs out in the open, together with their mother. It’s also so interesting to see how she tries to lure the cubs to the food first and then takes it down again, so that they can enjoy a meal of meat.
A great video and a great Thanks! for it.

It was interesting to me that she insisted on keeping hold of the carcass while descending the tree instead of dropping it and then bounding down to collect it. I wonder if this was intentional, or just an instinctual response to never let go, lest it be stolen. Glad to see the new cubs and that they are appearing well so far.

This was a brilliant sighting and your resulting video was amazing! The cubs are so tiny and and adorable. Fingers crossed she continues to keep them safe and that you all continue to enjoy viewing them as they grow.

Sean, That is an amazing video! We love seeing the interaction with the mother and cubs!

Senior Digital Ranger

very fascinating!

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