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on Where is The Plaque Rock Female Keeping her Cubs?

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Thanks for the update, Nick. Paws crossed that they’re all ok.

Hi Nick, she does keep you and the readers in suspence! She’s been successful in life and hopefully her cubs will have more chances thanks to her, after all her mother has been a great teacher! Looking forward to news…

Thank you for the update Nick. I hope she is successful in raising this litter.

It’s really wonderful that there are so many new leopard cubs at Londolozi again. It is to be hoped that at least some of them will survive and grow into adulthood. I am looking forward to hearing more about the Plaque Rock female’ cubs and all the others on Londolozi

why do you think she moved them from the boulders? they seemed good there? the rising river would not have been an issue there no? maybe a predator was lurking around? lack of food in the area? I sure hope they are ok!

Paws crossed all three are still alive and well. 🙏

Hi Nick, I really do hope the cubs are all still alive. We know that she is okay but don’t know if the cubs are alive and well. I wonder why she moved the cubs to the third den. Hopefully the neighborly Rangers will check up on her and give you feed back on her where abouts and if they have seen the cubs. Thanks for the update.

My fingers are crossed, hoping that the Plaque Rock female was able to successfully move the cubs away from rising waters and threatening predators – a very tough job with three little ones!

Thanks so much for the update Nick. With three cubs to look after, she would be spending a great deal of time hunting in order to produce enough milk for them and keep herself healthy. It did seem as though the second den was the perfect place to hide them away given the configuration of the boulders and vegetation. But if she was spooked by other predators, who knows where she might go and at this point in time, no one knows if her cubs are still alive. It is tragic the mortality of cubs is so high, but then in order to keep balance in nature, not every creature can survive to adulthood….

If she and the cubs are findable, my money’s on Nick and Joy making the discovery!

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